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Happy Leap Year!!

I felt so productive today! We finished the last of our rush jobs and turned them in, and for some reason that made me feel extra special today. But then we looked at our schedule and realized that we need to pick up the pace a little. So then it wasn't quite so much with the productive feeling.

We were still productive, though. Normally we take the rest of the day off after we turn something in, but not today! Today we kept going! Which is actually kind of bittersweet, because we found out that volume 6 is in fact the last volume of Hiyokoya Shouten aka Pick of the Litter, and for some reason that makes us very sad. Especially because the chapter titles make it seem so final. And not only that, but we want to get it in fast(ish) so we have time to make our Hockey Club deadline (which wouldn't be a problem so much except that we thought we'd do the other new thing between the two).

On the bright side, there is something that can be said for manga artists who work for Asuka and actually make it to the end of a series. We're looking at you, CLAMP! Sugisaki(-sensei; I can't yobisute Sugisaki-sensei)! But! DN Angel is finally back after a two and a half year hiatus! And since the latest chapter is 123 pages long, it shouldn't be too long before the next tankoubon comes out! This is all very exciting. And it's only a week until Bus Gamer comes out! Whee!

Incidentally, "yobisute" is the term for calling someone's name without adding an appropriate term of respect.

Also! I wanted to mention this because we've been thinking about ninja a lot lately. When Celeste came into the library at church a few weeks ago, and we were talking about Chinese characters, she drew the character for woman (女), and that reminded me of a cool thing one of our Japanese TAs taught us back in 102. If you take all the strokes in woman (女), you get the hiragana symbol ku (く), the katakana symbol no (ノ), and the kanji ichi (一). And so that's why the Japanese word for a female ninja is "kunoichi"! Tadah! Or did you all know that already? We thought it was cool, but Celeste was like, "...oh. Okay." Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for the cookies our home teacher brought last night (because he forgot to come the night before--er, that's why he came last night; maybe he would have brought cookies anyway), the return of DN Angel, having a Freschetta pizza for dinner tonight, having the first Hiyokoya drama CD to listen to when we decide we have time to stop working on the manga, and the sun being out longer.
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