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This morning there was a mysterious knock at the door. I went to open it, and there was somebody running away! As it turns out, it was a FedEx guy. And typing that just now suddenly gave me a very strong urge to go on Space Mountain, even though they don't have the crazy future TVs in the queue area anymore (FedEx is (was?) a sponsor of Space Mountain, and they used to have fake future news playing in line to the attraction, complete with future FedEx commercials!). It must be the lovely spring weather--so perfect for Disneyland.

Anyway, now there was a mysterious package on our doorstep. Well, I guess it's not really a doorstep, since we're in an apartment and all, but you get the idea. The FedEx guy yelled thank you when he saw me open the door. That was kind of amusing. But anyway, we had this package. This was most intriguing, because as far as we knew, we weren't expecting any packages. Well, except for one from CMX, but I had forgotten we were expecting anything from them at that time, and they always use DHL. I guess they don't like vowels.

And thus the suspense began!

...and didn't last very long, because I was between doing things anyway, so I just picked up a pair of scissors and opened it right away. And then I remembered! A while ago, I got a phone call from this company in Florida (or so I gather from the return address) that's all about helping people with disabilities to follow their dreams of being artists. So they paint these pictures while holding the brush in their mouths or in their toes, and the company makes prints of them and sells them as greeting cards. I thought it was a pretty neat idea, so I bought some. (Well, that, and I can never say no to those things.) And now we have a bunch, and they're pretty nice! I would scan a couple to give people an idea what they look like, but for two reasons: 1)As I've mentioned several times in the past, we don't have a USB cable for our scanner, and 2)I'm very lazy. Maybe we'll actually start sending cards to people.

In other mystery news, we may or may not have a room for AX! We foolishly waited to book a hotel again this year, so we put ourselves on the waitlist for the Westin. And today we got a confirmation e-mail telling us our room information! Only it seems to be an AX registration confirmation e-mail instead of a hotel confirmation e-mail, so I don't quite trust it. We'll have to e-mail them or something to make sure.

Today I'm thankful for hotels with waitlists, pretty greeting cards, expiration dates printed on packages, Space Mountain, and context.
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