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Monday was pretty relaxed. Risa and Riku were the only costumes we hadn't worn yet, so that's what we wore. I think we got stopped for pictures the most in those costumes, except possibly for Lacus and Meer.

We set out for the Maaya Sakamoto panel, which was also pretty fun. I don't remember a whole lot. I do remember that when asked her favorite male Gundam Seed character, she said she didn't have one first, but I guess she felt like she should choose someone, so she went with Shinn. The audience was not too happy about this. My theory is that either the Japanese are more forgiving, or she knows something we don't. The panel ended with her singing an excerpt from "Loop," the ending to Tsubasa Chronicle, which I think is my favorite song of hers.

After her panel, we got some food and then headed to the dealers' room for last day shopping. There wasn't a whole lot we really wanted, since the Athrun plushies and talking Athrun figures were all sold out. We stopped by the booth that was selling Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and saw that it was still $90 (well, $89) so we moved on.

But then we decided we reeeeeeally wanted to see if we could get it, so we went and asked if we could haggle for it. He asked how much we'd pay for it, and, after a brief discussion, Athena told me $70, so I started with $65. We ended up getting it for $70. Not too bad. I think we may have even been able to get it cheaper if I'd started lower, but the idea of haggling kind of makes me feel guilty, so I'm happy with the price we got.

We still can't play the game, of course, because we only have a domestic PS2, and we're still determined not to hack into it. It's only especially sad because when we got home, we checked our bank account and Athena did the math and figured we don't have enough money to splurge on import PS2s. Someday. Someday.

We went to the charity auction, where we were fully prepared to buy something of Tomokazu Seki's, but he only donated one thing, and it was going high enough that obviously other people wanted it more than we did. We got something from him last year, anyway. Although I do wish we had taken a closer look at the Hero Hero Q Company business card when we were looking at all the items.

There was a Howl's Moving Castle sketchboard that went for $13,000.

The closing ceremonies were about the same as always. I think the audience sounded a lot less tired than they had at the opening ceremonies, despite being much smaller in number. Everyone was sad that the convention was over, and Stephanie promised they'd talk about adding another day. She couldn't promise more than just talking about it, though. She seemed to think that four days is quite enough, thank you.

After the ceremonies, we went out to dinner with everyone, and then we all raced to the AMC in Downtown Disney to make it to Batman Begins. Navigating the crowds during the fireworks was an interesting experience, but we all made it safely and got the best row to see the movie, which is awesome. I do have some slight problems with Batman saying, "I refuse to be an executioner! But I will set this building full of explosives on fire and just hope that all your ninja get out alive." In his defense, they were ninja. And I guess making the cop cars flip out was because he cared so much about the girl, but lately the idea of abandoning everything including your principles for one person makes me a little sick. But I have issues.

The line about, "It's not who you are on the inside, it's what you do that defines you," was really good, I guess. Because you can have all the best intentions in the world and they won't do any good without taking action. Like how the Bible says faith without works is dead. But on the other hand, you can have people doing all sorts of good things with the wrong intentions (kind of like Gokudo). So I guess the right answer is, "A little of both." We had some great history professors at BYU.

And last is our day at Disneyland. To be continued...
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