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This week sure has been crazy. I feel like we're working on a million things at once, when really it's only two or three. Normally we only work on one thing at a time, so it feels a little whirlwindy, but it's kind of fun to do it every so often.

We did end up going to Family Home Evening last night, and so almost everyone who missed out on the details of why we were crying on Sunday and asked about it got to be filled in. The Bishop said he felt really bad that he didn't find us to talk to us. He figured it was because of the stress of ward conference, but really it was that we weren't around, so it was all good... or something. Our former home teacher heard about everything and said he was surprised we hadn't killed everyone yet. It's nice that he gets indignant for us like that, but once we've calmed down, I'm like, "It really wasn't that big a deal..."

FHE was actually pretty fun. They all made puppets out of paper bags. We knew that was going to be the activity, and we thought it could be kind of fun (Athena was thinking of making an Apollo Justice puppet), but then they said we had to make a puppet of somebody in the ward. I have no idea why they would make that a requirement, but we're not social enough to know anybody well enough to make a puppet out of them, so we decided to sit out. And then! somebody else (the Bishopric and their wives, to be specific) made a puppet of us! Gasp!

We actually saw it coming when they started doing their puppet show and their scenery included a sign that said "Materials Center (Library)." Actually, Athena sort of suspected when she saw them messing with the yarn. Nobody really seems to notice us (at least not in a way that we realize people are noticing us; come to think of it, I think people notice us like waaaaaay a lot and we just don't realize it), so it never occurred to me that anyone would do that. Our former home teacher says he got a picture of our reaction, and I'm wondering which reaction that was. We're flattered that they made a puppet of us, but just a little sad that they made one puppet of both of us. We're like Hikaru and Kaoru in that we want people to realize that we're a set, but we also want people to realize that we're two different people. For us, it seems like such a simple concept--is it really that much of a contradiction?

In other news, I didn't talk about it much before because on Saturday we were still being sulky and choosing to sit on our old loveseat (now in the spare bedroom, where it's actually quite cozy) instead of the new furniture, and then we were gone and/or busy. But the new furniture, we're realizing, is actually not comfortable. Athena says it's comfortable in that it's more comfortable than the hard wooden chair she's sitting in, and more comfortable than standing up. But it doesn't have cushions! The inside of it is built so the wood goes a little higher, and there's a layer of thick batting or foam underneath, while the outside is sewn to look like cushions. But that layer of whatever it is is not as thick as a real cushion, and therefore the new couch and loveseat are both quite hard. It kind of makes the furniture feel like it's cold and uncaring, a fact that isn't helped by the circumstances under which the furniture found itself here. Alas.

And now we have more work to do, and maybe someday we'll find time to listen to our new CDs.

Today I'm thankful for good old-fashioned sugary refreshments at FHE last night (root beer floats, mmm! (but it's still a little cold for all these icy snacks)), having a ride to and from FHE last night, finally having books, kitties taking turns, and couches with cushions.
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