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Another long day

Today has been a looooooong day. Even though Mom's ward doesn't meet until one, she had a doctor's appointment, and we (by which I mean Celeste, Sarah, and us) had church at eleven, and Celeste and Sarah had choir practice before that, so we had to rehearse at nine. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if not for our nasty habit of regularly waking up at nine-thirty. But we pulled ourselves out of bed an hour and a half before usual, and we went to rehearsal. Things went pretty well there, and then we all went to Mom's house where she cooked up some cinnamon rolls and we just generally hung out until Celeste and Sarah went to choir practice.

By that time, Aurora was in the other room with her husband, so it was just us and Mom in the kitchen while she made pigs in a blanket for them what wanted them. We were still really stressed about yesterday, and we hadn't had anybody to talk about it to (despite having a few people in the ward who have told us on several occasions that if we ever needed to talk, just call; we very nearly did actually call one of them last night, but that pesky hatred of making phone calls got in the way), so we started talking to Mom about it. She was being very understanding--still defending Steve, but being very reasonable about it, and when we pointed things out like, yes he may have lost face with our managers but doesn't she think we lost face when he went to them and told them that we can't fix our own problems?, she said we had a point, and things like that. I think for the most part things were going very well until Aurora came back into the living room.

I guess she was tired of hearing about it. She said that we were being very selfish about the whole thing, and ungrateful, and inconsiderate of others' feelings. We were pretty stressed already, so this was really hard to take. We did get to point out to her, since she asked, that we had made it clear that we weren't thrilled about the new furniture before it arrived at our apartment (and Mom backed us up, thankfully), but that was about the only defense we had, other than turning it around and attacking her, but that never helps. So instead we went out to the garage, since it was almost time for Mom to take us to church (on the way to her appointment) anyway.

The problem is that Aurora's comments had us bawling. I don't know how to explain it. Athena says it was probably that it was a direct attack after all the little hit-and-run derogatory comments about our anime fandom last night, compounded with all the stress about Steve and the fact that he pulls all this stuff that feels controlling and intrusive and we have to be the ones to apologize because his feelings got hurt when something went wrong.

Mom lives really close to the church, so there wasn't a chance of getting the crying under control before we went into Sacrament Meeting. Celeste (already there because of choir practice) saw us and as soon as she got done talking with the person she was talking with came and asked us what was wrong. (Athena: I believe her exact words were, "What happened?") She helped us calm down and said we weren't what Aurora said we were, and generally helped us feel better. The crying wouldn't stop though, so we were pretty worried that we would ruin the song we'd spent so much time rehearsing.

After Sacrament Meeting, we ran into my visiting teacher (our anime buddy), who asked if we needed a ride home (since she usually drives us to and from church), and found out that there were Issues, but we couldn't explain them because I didn't want to burst into tears again. She said she'd call tomorrow and she or her companion could come over and we could talk. As soon as we got done talking to her, our former home teacher (the one who got us the loveseat) asked us if we needed to talk, to which we had to say, "Not right now." He said if we needed anything at all just call him.

By that time, the family people had gotten to church and were sitting down. We did not want to go sit next to them, so instead, we went to talk to my former visiting teacher, with whom we had tentative plans to watch Princess Tutu yesterday that got canceled when it seemed like we would be doing stuff with family people (before the stress happened). The first thing she did was give me a hug and I said, "We should have told you to come yesterday," and burst into tears again. So much for regaining composure, right? She, too, said she would call sometime this week and we could make plans and stuff. It was really nice to have so many people care. The bitter side of me says, "Yeah, but they only noticed when we started crying," but we're still glad that they noticed either way. Besides, we already had plans to watch Princess Tutu. The bitter side is usually the dumb side.

We did manage to get ourselves composed enough to sing the song, and sing it well, I think, and after that things went relatively well. On the way to church, Mom had told us that her feelings would not be hurt if we decided not to stay for dinner, but one of the things we're good at is hanging in there. (And to be honest, there was part of us that wanted to show them all that we're the mature ones (which, in itself, is kind of immature).) We stayed pretty quiet during dinner though, because we didn't want to make ourselves targets of any kind of verbal abuse, joking or not. Aurora and her husband are too witty for their own good, in that they make fun of anyone and anything. Also, we'd been getting the feeling that, while they spent a good deal of dinner talking about the stupid people they have to deal with, one wrong turn of phrase would have them accusing us of being mean, evil people who have no sense of humor.

We stayed after dinner to play a few rounds of Catchphrase and for Celeste to finish her laundry, and then we finally got to come home and turn on our computer for the first time all day. We did get to play Mario Party DS, though, which is pretty awesome. And when we got home, not only did we get a call from our newly assigned home teacher (he just got back from his mission, so we think he might be a good home teacher, too--plus if we remember correctly, he's the brother of one of our favorite Sunday School teachers (who's no longer in the ward because she got married)), but the Bishop called. He apologized for not coming to talk to us at church, and I told him it was okay because we actually weren't there for the second half (we had ward conference today, so it was two one-and-a-half hour meetings instead of three one-hour ones), and he wants to talk at FHE tomorrow and do some catching up. We actually haven't really talked to him since way before Celeste moved out. So now we just need to get to FHE. Eheh. We'll work it out.

And now I've finally updated LJ, and I think we might play some video games or something. We are so sleeping in tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for all the loving people who came to talk to us or called today, being able to perform the song well, saving electricity by not having our computer on all day, Mom sending us home with Ghirardelli brownie mix and eggs with which to cook it, and being home after a long day.
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