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Take that!!

As to what you'll be taking, well... I haven't figured that out yet. But I wanted to quote ace attorneys.

We got Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney yesterday and it. is. Awesome. Well, so far anyway. We only had time for one case. We actually only had time for two-thirds of a case, but we stayed up late finishing it. It's full of "Whaaa?"s and "What the!?"s, which may seem like the same thing at a glance, but are actually quite different. It's just so full of "!!!!" and "!!?"

Apollo is really cute. He's no Phoenix Wright, but I think it's better for him to not be the same character all over again. He has a different kind of charm♥ Of course, we don't know a whole lot about his personality yet, since you never really get that in the first cases, but he's still adorable♥

And! when we went to Game Stop to get it yesterday, the same guy who took our pre-order was there, and he remembered how much we loved the little keychain, so since they had an extra, he gave us another one!! So we were pointing at each other and yelling "Objection!!" for a while. It's fun to go into "ace attorney" mode. Like when Mom called Athena weird, and she said, "Objection! We already knew that."

Life continues to be very exciting and yet very low-key. We did finally beat Zodiark, though. And we even used Strategy, which is awesome. So even though we didn't manage to beat Revenant Wings before we got the new Ace Attorney game, we're completely done with sidequesting, and, because you always have to be at a high level to finish the sidequests, the last two battles shouldn't be too hard.

Today I'm thankful for the finger of justice, beating Zodiark, being able to play Apollo Justice, new printer ink, and getting to try Reese's whips, even if we think that normal Reese's are better.
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