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And I haven't updated LJ yet!?

Wow, today has been all kinds of crazy. We had plans to go to Target and buy a little shelving unit with our anime buddy (also my visiting teacher; handy, that), because our manga and DVDs are starting to pile up from lack of shelving space. She said it would be between two and five, so that's what we planned for. Ironically, the one day we already have plans to go shopping for stuff, Mom calls and asks us if we need to go shopping. Now that Sarah has her own car, Mom is free to drive around, and I suspect she wanted a chance to get out of the house. We should remember that for the future times they have the kids. But Athena tells me Mom sounded happy for us, having plans to go out with friends, and my first reaction was, "What, like we can't make any... oh." Which isn't as depressing as it sounds, really. We have friends, we just don't do stuff with people very often because we don't share interests, and because we don't have a car to drive ourselves to get-togethers.

Anyway. We ended up not going shopping until about 4:45, because our friend was out running errands. Or her parents were, thus making the car unavailable. I didn't quite catch the details. But we enjoyed playing HaruToki2 while we waited, so it was all good (we still need to beat Revenant Wings, but we're having too hard a time with those last two missions and we get tired of leveling up super fast, and we'd already done a little of that so we were done).

Anyway. We went to Target, we got shelves and a dish rack and a bunch of fancy pens and some dark chocolate Hershey kisses with menthe filling for St. Patrick's Day (but no Trios, alas), and everything was normal until for some reason we decided today was the day we were going to get a cat tree. (We also got a discount on it, since it had bird droppings on it. Eheh.) And so now! we have a cat tree! Mimsy took to it right away, but Oreo tends to be way more cautious. I'm still a little worried that he won't like it because he's so big, but since we plan to put our fancy new (little) shelves next to it, I'm hoping he can use them together as a fun place to hang out. Or something. It makes sense to me, anyway.

It was carrying the cat tree inside that really did us in. Well, did me in, anyway. We cleaned it off and stood it up and now we need to take pictures, but we have to wait for it to be daytime, because we didn't think to get a lamp while we were at Target. And now we're exhausted, and I've finally updated LiveJournal, so now we can go back to playing. Whee!

Today I'm thankful for cat trees, friendly PetSmart people, wheels, cute little shelving thingies (which won't be set up until Monday), and having time to play HaruToki2 today.
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