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Buying more time with which to download Eyeshield21, here's our Sunday AX report:

Tomokazu Seki's autograph session was that morning at eight. We had heard people were going to be there at four, so we decided we didn't need an autograph that badly (especially since we got it last year--bought two items at the charity auction), but since our friend Ginger had another friend who wanted an autograph, we agreed to meet her in line so one of us could get her friend's Kyo cel signed.

We meant to meet her at seven, but we didn't wake up until about 6:45. We quietly put on our HaruToki costumes and finally got out of the hotel by about 7:30 or something.

Eisen gets the fun title of Miracle Costume this year. Both of us were thoroughly convinced he wouldn't get done, mostly due to time constraints and an inability to find the right color fabric. But after a final trip to Jo-Ann's, we found some silk (it just had to be silk...) that was perfect and bought four and a half yards. When I finally got everything to a point where I felt I could work on Eisen, it really looked like I wouldn't have enough fabric left for the pleats on his donjiki (at least, I think that's what they call his top layer; it's the one with the pleats).

So I kept praying that there would be enough, and lo and behold, when I finally figured out how I wanted to do the pleats, I ended up with extra fabric. Prayer works. Now I'm just sad that we didn't get to wear the costumes longer, but I had my reasons for not wanting to change back into them after the Saiyuki gathering.

Anyway, because we didn't wake up early enough, they didn't let us into the special line that Ginger made it into, and there were enough people there already that we figured the effort may have been wasted. They did let us in to see Ginger and make sure we all knew what was going on.

Once she got her autograph, we met up with Kat and Maya and discussed an evil plan to call Sanzo and let her know where her sandals had run off to (I took them for Eisen), but it had to be an intricate plan, because it would only be funny if we called while they were actually looking for the sandals. The things people scheme about sometimes. Oy.

Then we went back to the hotel to meet up with people and went to get tickets for the Maaya Sakamoto concert in our case and the Masquerade in the case of Sanzo and Duo. We were lucky enough to get red wristbands, and actually ended up in fourth row center. It was really nice, except for the trauma caused by the guys next to us talking about the latest episode of Gundam Seed Destiny, which we still haven't seen.

Before the concert, we all met up for the Saiyuki cosplay gathering, which was more coordinated than the Kingdom Hearts gathering, but less coordinated than the Gundam Seed gathering. Interestingly, there was a Hazel, and a Linlei, or however Homura's girlfriend spells her name. But no Gojyo. No Kougaiji people either. Speculation is that this is because there was technically supposed to be a Saiyuki gathering every day. Or something.

Back to the concert--it was really good. I think I like the songs Yoko Ishida sings better, but Sakamoto-san was adorable. One time, someone from the audience screamed, "I love you!" and she said, "I love you, maybe, too!" Before the "maybe" there was a very slight pause, like she had just realized what she was saying, and then the sentence took on a slight question intonation. It was very cute, and it happened again at the closing ceremonies. Her English is very good.

We decided not to try getting into the Masquerade, so instead, we found some subtitled anime we hadn't seen in one of the viewing rooms, and then we went back to the room and watched some TV. When our roommates got back from the Masquerade, they told us it was awesome, and that their skit got a really great reaction from the audience, but they didn't win anything. This caused us all to think that maybe they should have an audience favorite award, like with the AMVs. Maybe we should have gone to con gripe and suggested it.

And that's the end of day 3. And the Eyeshield21 download is still going stubbornly slowly. Now the question is should we turn it off and try again tomorrow, or leave it on in the fear that they'll stop seeding it. But fear is never a good thing to follow, so we'll try again tomorrow.
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