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Today has been a little bit crazy work-wise, but! we managed to finish everything that needs to be done this week, which means we get to take tomorrow off! Yaaaaaay!! And for the first time in about a month, we'll be able to turn off the alarm. Now's probably a good time to make sure to get caught up on sleep, because it wasn't until after Steve brought us out in public, to a middle school no less!, that we discovered there's been a really nasty flu going around. In fact, the Relief Society president, who was going to come over to watch Princess Tutu last night, had to call and cancel because she got it, too. She called again today to reschedule, and fortunately she's feeling much better. Also, it worked out perfectly for us, because we had a lot of work to do yesterday.

Aaaaanyway. Stuff got so crazy so suddenly on Monday that I forgot I wanted to talk about the Kaguya Shima Densetsu Sailor Moon Musical we watched on Sunday. I wouldn't have even remembered if I didn't want to point out that Hironari Amano (that version's Tux) would make an excellent Nodatchi if there was ever a Gakuen Alice drama. He has the right kind of squintiness to his eyes.

Unfortunately, I can't remember a whole lot of what I wanted to say about it. But I do remember coming to the realization that the reason we have such a hard time following what's going on in the post-Anza musicals is that apparently once she graduated, everyone started talking superfast! And here I always thought it was our limited Japanese. So this time I figured we've translated so much stuff we must be able to understand it all now, but no. I wonder if it would help to listen to CD dramas on some sort of sped up mode...

We've also discovered that it doesn't matter which musical we actually watched--the songs that are going to stick are probably going to be from SuperS or Stars. I have Star Hunter in my head right now, and Athena's got Triple Dreams. There was a time we knew all of Triple Dreams. Or at least Athena knew all of Usagi and Mamoru's part, I knew the Outers' part, and our friend knew the bad guys' part. We'd sing that and Sailor War Supreme while we waited in line at Disneyland (we had annual passports, and his mom was an Imagineer). I don't have any memories of people reacting to that, and yet I know we did it. Hm.

And so our plans for the rest of the day are to read manga (that's another of the crazy things to do this week, but our deadline is "fairly soon," so... I hope Friday's okay), and see if we can finish up any of those missions in Revenant Wings. Those things get to be pretty crazy toward the end. Like those superweapons in FF7. Oh, Square-Enix and their crazy impossible-to-beat bosses that don't have any real bearing on the story but you have to beat them anyway or you feel like you've failed as a gamer...

Today I'm thankful for being able to take tomorrow off to play video games and sleep in (but not in that order), being able to get most of our research done by deadline, the weather gradually getting warmer, Ayano Gunji's awesome Chibi-Usa, and annual passports to Disneyland (I may not have one right now, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate their existence).
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