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The second day of the convention was... the second day of the convention. It was fun. We dressed as Donald and Goofy because we had been told by one of the many Soras that the Kingdom Hearts gathering would be that day. It was an hour before Tomokazu Seki's panel, so we wore them to the panel, too. I'm just a little sad we weren't wearing cuter costumes for him. Ah well.

First, we actually went to Miho Shimogasa's panel. She was the character designer for Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Stars, and now she's working on Powerpuff Girls Z. I'm very interested in seeing that. One interesting thing we found out at her panel was that there was a time in Japan where they weren't allowed to show red blood in anime. We suspect that might have something to do with Gojyo's pink hair, but we don't have any confirmation. Also, her favorite character to design was Gokudo. Yay!

The Kingdom Hearts gathering was... interesting. There was an Aladdin! He was a really good Aladdin, too. That's very happy. But after we got the big group picture, we lost all sense of unity. I think the only reason we got everyone for the one picture was that there was a woman there grabbing everyone in a KH costume and moving them someplace where their costume would be best visible. We tried so hard to get a picture of us fighting Heartless with Sora, too. Sad.

But we did get a picture with the adorable Kairi with the paopu fruit. Or rather, she got a picture with us, as our camera (Celeste's actually) had run out of juice.

Seki-san's panel was awesome as expected. A girl asked him if, since he couldn't sing last year due to his sudden sore throat (if I remember correctly, it had actually been translated the year before to pneumonia), he could sing this year. He started coughing again and said he'd try for next year. He also said he'd try putting on a few concerts in Japan before putting one on here, and when the fangirls said they didn't mind if he performec here first, he said he wants to perfect the concert first. Right.

Some interesting facts about Seki-san, according to what he said at the panel:
When he goes out drinking with Shin-ichiro Miki, Miki-san prefers booze, while Seki-san prefers soft drinks. Last year, when Seki-san came to AX, he gained ten pounds even though he was only here for four days. In fact, the reason he claims to have kept his promise to come back was that he loved the steak so much he had to have it again. That, and he wanted to see everyone again.

After Seki-san's panel, we did some shopping and then we went and changed into our Amiboshi and Suboshi costumes for the Meet the Guests Reception and the Pierrot Panel. The reception was pretty fun, again as usual. They had an awesome punch fountain, which was sadly filled with weak (translated to "normal") Kool-Aid. It was fun listening to Shimogasa-san and the woman who dresses her daughter up every year talk about costumes and various other toyetic aspects of such serieses as PowerPuff Girls Z.

We found out a few more neat things about Seki-san, who was in fact there. Our latest theory as to why they didn't say he would be is that he was down here for only one day and they probably wanted to give him the option of resting. Anyway, he also likes mashed potatoes. And apparently he records for about nine shows a week on average, sometimes up to twelve.

We left the reception early and got to the Pierrot Panel just in time for them to have a contest to see who knew the most about Studio Pierrot. I'm convinced we would have stood more of a chance if they had asked about Saiyuki before Yu Yu Hakusho. Or Fushigi Yuugi or Gals! or something. Oh well.

And that's about it for day 2. To be continued...
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