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A blast from the past!

It was so very very sad. Athena glanced outside and noticed that our downstairs neighbor's car was gone, so we decided right then it was time for DDR! We played through one song, and the phone rang. While I was talking to the lady from AT&T about satellite TV, the neighbors came back, and we had to stop. So very sad.

But yesterday was very very happy! We decided to watch some Sailor Moon Musicals. Man, it brought back memories. We don't usually watch things over and over again, partly because we're afraid of getting sick of things and partly because most of what we own is serieseseses which are hard to watch on repeat and partly because we have too many other things to do. But when we were in high school, we watched Sailor Moon Musicals almost nonstop. Well, on Fridays anyway.

We had our friend who owned the musicals come over, and sure we'd play Mario Kart or something for a while (while listening to Sailor Moon Musical soundtracks), but almost inevitably, we would end up putting on one of the actual musicals. Usually the SuperS musical (revised version with Sailor Saturn) or the Sailor Stars musical (non-revised), because those and Eien Densetsu were the ones he had before we went away to college. We did see Eien Densetsu quite a few times, too, but I think we mostly watch Stars because we all loved Sailor War Supreme so much. We watched it so much that we even wondered last night if Sailor Moon Musicals had anything to do with why Sarah's into dancing now. We discovered the other day that she and Celeste learned to count to six in Japanese from our watching of the Sailor Stars Musical.

Come to think of it, we'd also play the Sailor Moon SuperS fighting game for Super Nintendo. The reason I remember is that we would also have one of Sarah's classmates over while his mom worked, and since we put everything on auto (so you don't have to remember all the button combinations to do the special moves), we all have memories of him pummeling us with World Shaking while giggling maniacally. But then our friend would totally destroy him, so we all felt vindicated.

Anyway, last night was really nostalgic. It was one of those things that reminded us why we learned Japanese. Not that we're regretting learning Japanese, of course (never!), just that those were the things that really got us into it. It's kind of hard to explain. But it was really fun. It was also really interesting to see what kind of things Japanese people aren't afraid to show their kids. I'm speaking specifically of Sore-Zore no Elegy (very pretty song, though) and immediately after. We know the Sailor Moon Musicals had a lot of small children in their audiences, because we heard them laughing at some of the jokes, but yeah.

So now we want to buy the Anza Collections from CD Japan, and we were all gung-ho and ready to do it, but then we got to CD Japan, realized there were two of them at twenty-seven thousand yen each, and decided we'd better think about it some more. Maybe pay our taxes first.

Watching the musicals also had us wondering why the heck we decided not to go to Japan and see Maihitoyo on stage. Then we remembered, "Oh yeah, taxes," and were glad we had a better reason than sheer stupidity.

Today I'm thankful for Sailor Moon musicals, Sailor Moon musical sound tracks, finally getting the SuperS musical tape to work in our VCR, having a box just the right size to send the books from the one series back to TokyoPop, and dark chocolate covered pretzels.
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