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We have a new dishwasher!

And we're probably not going to use it, either. Last night Steve called and asked if all the things on the list had been fixed and stuff. I told him they were going to replace the dishwasher, and he said to call him when they did and he'd come over and show us how to use it because it's so fun and convenient, and I'm like, "Do you think I'm five years old?"

Athena is reminded of Tom Sawyer and the white-washing of the fence, and she says that if Tom Sawyer told her that white-washing the fence was so much fun, she'd be like, "Good, then you won't mind finishing it yourself."

Before the maintenance guy left, he came and told us he left the dishwasher's manual for us, and went on to say that it wasn't like it's hard to figure out though. I like the respect for our intelligence.

But it's true that Steve seems to be trying to build a better relationship, and the least we can do is not make it worse. I don't think I'll be calling to tell him about the dishwasher though.

In other news, we're now being faced with another occupational hazard of translating manga, in that for some reason we're being asked to translate the previews for the next volume. Most companies seem to not want those translated since they make different ones anyway, but not all of them. And so now here we are, the anti-spoiler Nazis, having to be spoiled. I guess technically it was something that we knew was going to happen anyway, but we didn't know how it was going to happen, and now we do. Oh well, we'll get over it. We should just be glad circumstances led to us going through Fruits Basket 17 before translating it, because that one has spoilers right at the beginning in the character descriptions. Shame on you, Fruits Basket 17! *grin*

That reminds me. At FHE, a bunch of people randomly started playing Fruit Basket. Like the game that the title of the series comes from. It made us wish the fansubbers of Fruits Basket had played the game, because then maybe they would have realized that the S is just there because of how the Japanese writing system works and not because it should be. But on the bright side, it does make the title stand out so people aren't like, "What's this about a basket of fruit?"

Today I'm thankful for getting to eat chocolate chip cookies for snack time, bishounen Santa, it not being as cold today as it was yesterday, protective eyewear, and seeing old clips of Jon Stewart on MTV.
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