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Interestingly, almost immediately after I posted yesterday about the maintenance guy not showing up, he showed up! We also went to the office this morning to put stuff in the mail, and the apartment manager looked very concerned when she asked how things were in our apartment. Apparently when Mom and Steve talked to them on Friday, they (by which I probably mean Steve) somehow painted a picture of us being very timid and scared and afraid to talk to people and all that stuff. I guess that's not entirely false, but the part where it makes us seem unable to help ourselves is a little much. It always makes me wonder that people can paint the world however they want and somehow always manage to miss the bits that show them they're not entirely living in reality. Ah well.

Oreo is sitting on my lap. He seems to be starved for social interaction. Cute kitty.

I'm not sure I have a whole lot else to talk about. Oh wait, yes I do. Last night I called the RS president to ask her when she wanted to come over and watch Princess Tutu, and inadvertently ended up getting us a ride to Family Home Evening. That helped satisfy our now seemingly endless craving for cookies and/or cakes, but then she forgot that she had brought us and left without us. Fortunately, our former home teacher was there. This was fortunate for a few reasons, actually, because he reminded us which paper it was that ran the announcement of our "new business," which we need to find to send to the Better Business Bureau, where it just so happens his brother works. Small world.

He also reminded us that we needed to listen to the CD of Stephen Colbert's I Am America! (And So Can You!) that he lent us, because he currently has no one to talk to about it, which is kind of sad. But another crazy coincidence is that Stephen Colbert's book is published by the same company that Yen Press is a part of. Now hopefully we'll be able to still work for them.

And so we got a ride home and all was happy. A while after we got back, the RS president called and apologized profusely. It was kind of funny, because I feel like I was expecting to need to get another ride home, almost before she even picked us up.

FHE itself was pretty boring, though. It probably wouldn't have been if we'd, y'know, actually participated. I'm not quite sure why we didn't, but I think it had a lot to do with not feeling like it. But when we got home, we got the mail, which had our copy of Meet the Robinsons! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for having our own copy of Meet the Robinsons, people who will give us rides on the spur of the moment, help with our BBB stuff, notebooks, and concerned apartment management.
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