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He needs desserts!!

The longer we live with the scent of vanilla, the more we realize how dangerous it is. To me, it smells like cake batter for some reason. And to Athena, it smells like vanilla extract (obviously). Either way, it reminds us of baked desserts, and that's dangerous. Of course, we could, like, bake some cookies, but man that takes so much effort! I mean, sure we have the Nestle's ready-bake cookie dough, but only one package! Once we cook it, it'll be gone, and our apartment will still smell like vanilla! Well, cook it and eat the cookies, Athena points out. This is the problem with not having a car.

Also, it would seem that the biggest thing going on in our lives right now is that our apartment smells like vanilla. Oh well, it's nice to notice the little things.

We were actually going to bake cookies yesterday, but we were too lazy to in the afternoon, and at night we decided we didn't want to have any left over when the maintenance guy shows up. When we came home on Saturday, Mom told us he'd be over on Monday with a long list of things to fix, which was part of why we were stressing out (it was kind of like, "Is our apartment that rundown!?" even though we know that we have a habit of putting up with things, and that we do have a few things that could use fixing). But he didn't come today anyway. We figure he's waiting for the new dishwasher to come, because you can't replace a dishwasher when there's no dishwasher to replace it with. Incidentally, we don't use the dishwasher, because we don't use enough dishes on a regular basis for it to be practical. Since there's only two of us, it's much faster to just wash our dishes by hand right after a meal.

It's actually good for us that the maintenance guy didn't come today, because we were hoping, after taking two days off last week to read manga, that we'd get back to a normal work schedule today. And having a guy playing with your circuit breaker is not conducive to working with a computer. But we didn't have to worry about that today, and we got to work on our favorite new series! (I think the newest series we work on will always be our favorite new series.)

Today I'm thankful for getting a lot of work done, having at least a little bit of cookie dough to satiate the vanilla-inspired craving for desserts, getting back to a normal work schedule, getting two more Ousaki stills, and fingers.
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