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Home, Sweet Home

Well, sweet in the sense that it's home. Not so sweet in the sense that it's not AX anymore. And it's very far away from Kinokuniya. I really wish Kinokuniya had had a wider selection at AX this year. *sigh*

AX was awesome, as always. And now we're recovering. Not that I'm dead tired--just that for some reason I'm very sleepy. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the insane sleep schedule we've had over the last week and a half.

On the one hand, I want to report, but on the other, I don't know if I want to type that much. We left on Thursday, when our totally awesome home teacher drove us all the way down to Anaheim (about four hours) and got there before everyone else. We killed time by braiding some ribbon together to make a cord for the white mage robe we made for Ginger. I'm still shocked that I got all the costumes done (except for a couple of pairs of gloves), but happy. They all turned out very nicely, too. Goofy's vest has come to be known as the Vest of Doom, though. I had to take out so many seams. It was bad.

When I was working on costumes last week, we turned on the first Saiyuki Reload vocal album, which is my favorite and has my favorite song, "wing area" Listening to the lyrics (at least for the chorus), I realized it was my theme song: "When your wings are dirtied and you've forgotten how to spread them, and you're weighed down by your emotions--when your wings are dirtied and you're all battered and bruised, if you can use the force of all your will, you can fly far."

Back last year when all the crap was going on with Mom, I listened to those lyrics, and, while that song was still my favorite, that idea made me tired. No wonder Hoshi-san likes "I can fly." better. But listening to "wing area" while working on costumes, I realized how true it is. And usually you can get some pretty good results. You're just tired afterwards. It's like trying to outrun the fatigue. Just don't think about how tired you are--it's like not looking down. But then you stop and it catches up to you. But it's a good kind of tired, because you've accomplished something.

Aaaanyway. The AX chair said something about AX at the opening ceremonies that is oh so very true. It's like a city made by anime fans, he said. One of the only places in the world you can walk up to a complete stranger and know that they'll understand that when you're talking about "Bleach," you're not talking about brightening your clothes. We're definitely going to miss that. (He also said that, as AX was a celebration of different cultures, and the fans at AX are obviously very accepting of other cultures, if everyone in the world thought the way they did, the world would be full of peace. "Well, peace and big guns.")

After the opening ceremonies, we went to the Nippon Engineering College voice acting demonstration. It was really cool. They played a clip from Izumo, demonstrating how they record the voices, and then they broke us all up into groups to read lines for the different characters. It was so cute, because all the Japanese voice acting students were there, and they recognized our Lacus and Meer costumes. The girl who handed us our scripts walked off singing, "Lacus, Lacus~"

After we practiced reading parts in a group, they took volunteers from each character's group to play the parts individually. Athena and I were the only non-students in the Kotono group, so Athena went up first. When they did the second run, the students next to me were like, "Nice, nice." They also commented on our long hair. I should have told them that I could understand Japanese, but I guess I was too shy or something. Oh well.

Wandering around as Meer, I got to glomp three Athruns. And one of them was Japanese! The Japanese one seemed very happy, and the Americans didn't seem to care. The one offered me his arm one of the many times I went to cling to him for pictures. I'm glad none of them hated me, but the real Athrun wouldn't have been quite so accomodating. We did get a lot of really fun pictures with other Gundam Seed cosplayers though. I need to get them on a website somewhere or something.

After the gathering... I think we did something else too, but we went to get ready for the Industry Reception. We wanted to wear our yukatas to it, but then we realized we weren't entirely sure how to wear them (that demonstration was the next day, and we still missed it; I'm going to have to ask Clay), so we ended up wearing our Goku and Hakkai costumes (minus the jumper, cape, and sash) because we weren't sure if any of our other costumes were inappropriate. Now we know that they aren't inappropriate, so maybe next year. The reception really wasn't that great (probably because we suck at mingling) but we did get to meet the new editors on Saiyuki and Ai Yori Aoshi, and then we hung out with another girl who started as an intern and now works for TokyoPop. Apparently we're legendary.

And then we left early to see if we could catch Danny Phantom, but missed it because the hotel channels showed everything two hours early. *pout*

Aaaand that's enough for now. To be continued...
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