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Somehow our AIM buddy list seems to have disappeared. It's not that big a deal, since we don't use AIM that much, but it's a little disorienting not having it as the left-most thing to click on the taskbar. Ah well.

In other random news, today we got postcards from our high school asking us to call them so they can make sure they have the right information to put in their graduates directory. Speaking as people who hate making phone calls with a passion, one of our first reactions was, "If they can find our address, why can't they find our phone number and call us themselves?" Ah well.

Last night on the Colbert Report, they had a guy on talking about how IQ tests aren't really good ways to measure intelligence. I definitely have to agree, especially because of what I learned from watching Beauty and the Geek. They have these quizzes for the elimination rounds, and they ask the beauties questions about geek stuff and vice versa. In one of them, they were asking the geeks about fashion stuff, and it was the kind of thing where I was like, "Who on earth would know this stuff?" but the beauties were in the viewing room watching and they were like, "Come on, everyone knows this one." And that's when it occurred to me that intelligence is kind of relative. The geeks are what most people consider to be really smart, because they do really well at school type stuff, but the beauties are really smart about fashion and makeup and social interaction and stuff.

It's not a question of how smart somebody is, but what they're smart about. Or what they're interested in, because chances are, they'll have an easier time learning about that stuff. And that's why Beauty and the Geek is such a great show--it gives people that extra motivation to make themselves more well-rounded, and be more willing to learn about things they kind of stayed away from before. As each season goes on, the beauties and geeks get to be better friends, too. And that shows that it doesn't really matter if you're on the same "intelligence level" as somebody--as long as they're open-minded about each other, anybody can get along. Or such is my theory.

Today I'm thankful for finding out that Balthier is a picky eater, having been able to translate +ANIMA (it's over now *sniffle*), Mimsy at least being very good at pretending she likes to drink out of the new fountain, having things with which to satisfy the munchies, and pre-emptive gratitude strikes (I said I was thankful for apostrophes yesterday, and then I started reading some manga in English where they had one of the characters not using contractions, and then I was really thankful for apostrophes).
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