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We haven't been going to Ward FHE for a while for lack of transportation, but since yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, our previous ride didn't have class, so we all went. The activity was decorating cookies, so I wanted to make civil rights cookies, but I soon discovered that my cookie-decorating skills are not good enough to write messages on such small cookies. Especially since the frosting writing utensils were just plastic baggies with the corners cut off.

There weren't very many cookies at first, so even though we were at a table with a bunch, people kept coming and taking them. At one point, someone came and said, "You're done now." and took all the ones we had left! But then we were the first ones to get the new cookies fresh out of the oven, bwahahahahaha! By then most of our frosting had been taken, too, so we just ate the cookies. I had so many I almost got sick, they were so good.

Today we decided to learn from yesterday, and so stopped working on +ANIMA after lunch, since we'd already gotten so much done. Now we have less than two chapters left in the entire series, which is very sad. But at least then we can look for pictures to make icons with and not have to worry about spoilers.

Anyway, it's a good thing we stopped, because we kept getting phone calls! Okay, so there were three, but it was crazy, because as soon as I hung up the phone and sat down, it would start ringing again. This was especially frustrating because, since we weren't translating, we were reading manga, and that meant I was sitting on my bed, which is a top bunk. The first and third time, it was the lady from the Better Business Bureau, too, asking for us to find stuff that proves Futago Translations has been in business for over a year. So now we have to figure out where we put all our stuff. This is getting to be such a hassle. Hopefully it will be over relatively quickly, but with our current motivation level...

The second time it was a very excited recording named Jim, with some offer about accepting Visa and Mastercard.

Today I'm thankful for Pillsbury sugar cookies fresh from the oven, having time for looooots of translating and reading, the rainy weather, our Animaxis order having been shipped, and apostrophes.
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