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Today, we got a sign.


At least, that's what it felt like. Since it's a holiday, we hadn't decided if we were going to get back to translating today or if we'd continue our manga-palooza. Technically, the manga-palooza would also be for work, since we're reading a series that we'll soon be translating, and having to pick up from the middle. But that's only one of two serieses we'll be starting from the middle, and it's the one that we'll be turning in later. The one they need first is the one we weren't already collecting on our own, so we had to wait for the books to come before we could get started on the really important reading. And so, since we have time while we need to get +ANIMA 10 turned in to read the one series, and we didn't have the other series yet, we decided we would do some translating first.

At about two-thirty, we had already translated more than our page quota, but since we hadn't worked for much time, we decided we'd compromise between more time translating and more time reading by translating for the length of a short CD. But while we were translating, the phone rang. It was the lady from the Better Business Bureau. We were still very undecided about the whole thing, and Athena was wanting to get back to work, which made added the pressure, and so we ended up talking for a looooong time. Finally she said she'd call back in ten minutes, so I was able to talk to Athena and we decided we might as well give it a shot. But then she wasn't calling back (it felt like forever, but we probably didn't take a whole ten minutes discussing), so we got back to work. She called again, and we had to discuss paperwork and things, and then the phone started dying. And I finally got to hang up, but then Mimsy decided it was time to come be a nuisance. That finally stopped when we got a knock on the door. It was crazy how much we got interrupted during the course of this 27-minute CD.

The person at the door was delivering a package from TokyoPop, which contained the books we really need to get started reading, so we decided once and for all that it was okay to stop working for the day (after we finished the CD). And that was a really good thing, because we were really losing it by then, and I'm not entirely sure why.

Last night ended up being alright. We went to Mom's house and had spaghetti for dinner. There was a time in the middle where almost everyone had to drop everything and watch the last quarter of the football game that was going on. That was when we kicked ourselves repeatedly for leaving our DSes at home. But things got better when the one person who hadn't arrived yet showed up, because then we had someone to talk to. After that, we played a bunch of games and stuff. At one point Celeste decided to call blackhope. He says he really wants us to go up and see him in Utah, so we're thinking we'll look into making that happen. Transportation, as always, is the big problem, but we'll see what we can do.

And then we came home and Oreo seemed very upset about something, but we couldn't figure out what. We thought maybe he wanted to go outside, but we had just turned the heater on, so we weren't going to let him. And then the Visitor showed up. We live on the second floor, but outside our windows on one side is a decorative roof edge thingy. A few times in the past, we've had neighborhood cats show up, but they usually left as soon as they saw me or Athena. But there's this new one who seems to have decided that this ledge is his (or her) new favorite place. Last night was the second time s/he showed up and refused to leave. Oreo does not seem to like this at all. It's cute how he'll stand guard at the windows, though.

Today I'm thankful for being done with work, having the manga we need, having a little time to read manga, times when Mimsy is not in the way, and the pretty shade of pink on the covers of the manga we got.
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