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A little kitty oasis

It's funny how our family has a way of changing our plans unexpectedly. As you all know, we were with Mom all day yesterday. Not once did she say anything by way of an invitation to dinner tonight. And yet today, Celeste came into the church library and asked if we were going to go over there for dinner. Celeste only ever asks this when there are plans to that effect, and since we'd heard nothing of the sort, we were a little surprised. So we might end up having very different plans today than we originally thought. But Mom and them are just getting out of church now, so we won't know for a little while yet. I think I'll have time to finish this entry, anyway.

We had decided we were way too tired to set up the cat's fancy drinking fountain last night, but Oreo was acting like he suspected we had something by way of a new thing to drink out of, so we thought we'd indulge him. Plus, Athena's never seen Oreo jump onto the bathroom counter (Mimsy often gets water from the sink), so when he goes into the bathroom, she starts to worry about where he may be getting his water.

We decided to set it up in the dining area, which had become a bit of a storage area after Celeste moved in, and has remained such even now that she's moved out. But it's also become Oreo's little jungle, so we thought it would be cute to give him an oasis. So we set it up, which got to be pretty difficult once the cats noticed we were up to something, because then they came over to investigate. And Mimsy just loves drinking water out of different things, so once we started pouring water into it, she became quite the nuisance. I managed to hold her back enough for Athena to get everything together, and then Mimsy was already drinking out of it. And then we turned the fountain on. After that, with the noise and sudden appearance of a little waterfall, Mimsy seemed to decide she didn't trust it anymore, and perched on the nearby computer monitor to watch it in case it tried to pull anything funny. It was very cute.

We don't know if any of the cats have gotten near it since then. Oh wait, Athena says they came and looked at it when she said, "Hey, kitties, come look at this!" And then they were like, "Um, whatever, can we go outside now?"

After our adventures in kitty land, we decided to watch some of Scrubs season one. We ended up watching the Christmas episode, and that got me thinking about some religious stuff.

I don't want to give a summary of the episode, in case anybody who wants to see it hasn't (I know it's like six years old, but you never know), but anyway, they pointed out that when you work at a hospital, especially on Christmas Eve, it's really easy to feel like either there can't be a God because He's letting all these bad things happen, or that He's abandoned everyone. Basically the "If there's a God, why do so many bad things happen?" question.

Growing up in the LDS church, we've always been taught that the purpose of life is to be tested, to learn, and to grow. This means two things. First, to be tested, we have to be able to make our own choices. And people don't always make good ones. And second, to learn and to grow, we have to go through hard things. It's like in Batman Begins where they keep pointing out that we fall so we can learn to pull ourselves up again.

Today I'm thankful for getting cupcakes in Relief Society, having an Oreo on my lap (though I think I may kick him off soon...), chocolate Chex cereal (it does things to the milk so it looks kind of scary, but it tastes oh so yummy), fancy kitty drinking fountains, and Keebler elves.
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