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First of all, one of the best Jeopardy! moments (in my opinion) happened last night. There was a category on redheads, and the $400 clue showed a picture of Beaker from the Muppets. I didn't hear the clue, because as soon as I saw the picture, I knew the answer (er, the question?) so I stopped paying attention for a bit. But then nobody rang in! And Athena and I are like, "These people don't know Beaker!?" And then the buzzer rang and Trebek said something very similar (I don't remember exactly) to, "Beaker! That was Beaker! You guys don't know Beaker!?"

Second of all, we ordered an Usa-chan and a Kuma-chan from Animaxis! Wheeee!

Third of all, I'm freaking out a little tiny bit because after we rescheduled our shopping trip to tomorrow (and it will now include a trip to Jo-Ann's!!), we were talking and laughing, and the phone rang again. I thought it was Mom, calling to tell us something she forgot, but instead it was none other than the Better Business Bureau!!!! The representative asked me a few questions to see if Futago Translations qualifies for accreditation, and everything was fine until I heard about the fee. Now, it's only reasonable that they'd have a fee, since they have all these services to help you out, but it was a little bit steep for me to just say okay about, especially since Athena was only hearing my side of the conversation. Also, when we think about our February schedule (a deadline every Friday! Whee! (actually the three first Feb. deadlines have already been turned in)), and how we're always feeling like we don't have enough time, the idea of putting ourselves out there for lots of more people to come give us work doesn't seem like such a great idea. So I told her I'd talk to my business partner about it and she's going to call back next week.

The really weird thing about it, though, is that she told me the reason she called to begin with is that people are already asking her about us. That seemed a little weird, because I guess it's possible that there are people in Fresno (where we're listed) who need Japanese to English (or vice versa) translations, there's really only one company we know of that knows exactly what it is we do and would care about it, and they're the reason we have the business name to begin with (meaning, we already work for them). But then we remembered. Futago Translations is on AX's list. That means it might be somebody who found us through Anime Expo. What if FUNimation was looking for help with Host Club? (Yeah, right.) What if it was Square-Enix? Or even Disney? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

And that's why I'm freaking out. Especially because if they already called the BBB, and the BBB had nothing to say, they probably went and found somebody else. Sigh. Anyway, tomorrow we'll be talking to our accountant, and then we'll be able to make a more informed decision. Well, actually probably not that much more informed, but it's nice to get a second opinion.

But on a different subject, when I talked to Mom on the phone, I found out the middle school anime club advisor's answer to our question of what they might like us to be prepared with (topics, props, etc.). And I found out that they want to take pictures for the yearbook! This means we have to cosplay. Or at least wear our yukatas. I'm kind of thinking something school uniformy, but then I want to be cute and girly, and those uniforms are always cold. But the funny thing about it is, we probably weren't even in our own yearbook (never had our senior portraits done, at any rate, and we weren't in any clubs). This is like... I can't really think of an analogy. But it's crazy.

And here I thought today was just going to be a lazy day of reading manga.

Today I'm thankful for plans to go to Jo-Ann's, being able to order Usa-chan and Kuma-chan before they went out of stock (at least, it said stock status was okay for Usa-chan... don't remember for Kuma-chan...), Beaker, Alex Trebek's apparent passion for the Muppets (*grin*), and chocolate-covered toffee peanuts (although, salty peanut butter chips... not so much fans).
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