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The manga-palooza continues!

Today, we got a package from not one, but two Kinokuniyas!! And the Seattle Kinokuniya led us to believe we'd have to wait longer. Silly Seattle Kinokuniya. Well, either they're silly, or my Japanese reading skills could use some improvement. For my job's sake, I hope it's the former.

Anyway, it was kind of funny, because I was wearing my fuzzy pink pajamas that I got for Christmas, so when I opened the door, the UPS guy said, "Still in your pajamas?" In my head I was like, "Actually, this isn't anything new... these are just my only pajamas that are obviously pajamas." But out loud, I said, "Well, when you work freelance..."

I guess you had to be there.

And changing the subject, we watched two episodes of Death Note last night. (Only two because we wanted to play Revenant Wings.) That show is intense. We can definitely see why it's so popular. My biggest problem with it is that it has us cheering for Kappei Yamaguchi (L) over Mamoru Miyano (Light). Not that we don't like Yamaguchi-san, but... Miyano-kun! It was really incredible hearing Miyano-kun as Light, though, especially when thinking of him as Tamaki in Host Club (and reading his blog and realizing that his personality is Tamaki, only humbler). I mean, sure he's really creepy and scary as LA in El Cazador, but he's crazy in a similar way to Tamaki, so somehow it doesn't seem like as big a jump. But Light and Tamaki are like complete opposites (as far as we know from two episodes of Death Note). But because we don't like Light, we haven't decided whether or not we like Death Note. But it's got us hooked anyway, so we're probably going to stick with it to the end.

Well, that manga's not gonna read itself. Today I'm thankful for getting two shiny packages, the Seattle Kinokuniya being faster than we thought, the kitties wanting to hang out with us even after they've been fed, the invention of the printing press, and pudding mix.
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