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Super productivity!

We are on fire today! Well, not really. That would probably be bad. Good thing we learned stop, drop, and roll when we were little. I kind of get the feeling a lot of current TV characters could have used those lessons.

Anyway, today we turned in a translation, got sixty pages done on another translation, paid bills, turned in the Thing (perhaps the first draft of the Thing), and made two (online) shopping trips! All before four o'clock! I feel so productive, if a little poorer.

Our apartment manager has gotten into the habit of asking us how our trip to Japan is coming along when we go to the office to put stuff in the mail. The first (out of two) time she did it, we told her we were still saving up (which is true), and she laughed! It's possible that that was just her way of ending the conversation, since we were obviously leaving, but we were still annoyed. So today, I was prepared, and since we were putting our heating bill in the mail, I was able to respond with, "Don't ask us that when we're paying the heating bill." Now that's a place where laughter is acceptable.

Our heating bill was pretty high, too, but that didn't stop us from buying manga. I thought we were saving up to go to Japan. But manga is a business expense, and we also got a check today! Whee!

The other online order we made was to buy a clarinet repair kit. We're pretty excited about it. We want to get some cork back on Athena's clarinet, and then we can play piano/clarinet duets. Sadly, we didn't think until after we'd already made the order to check if they had violin bridges. This is especially sad, because they did and they only cost $2.50. Maybe next time. Or maybe we'll actually find ourselves at the local music shop, which would probably be better because I'm not confident in my violin bridge-replacing skills.

Today I'm thankful for those cookies, clarinet repair kits with repair manuals, super productivity, kitty webcams, and not literally being on fire.
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