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Manga madness!!!

Today has been a loooooooooooooooooooong day. We started our reread of Sekaichi this morning, telling ourselves from the beginning that we didn't have to get through all of it today, but we just couldn't stop ourselves. This is especially surprising when considering the fact that our CD Japan order came today. Incidentally, it would seem that what we read about Takahiro Sakurai is true, and he is starting to sing less, much like a certain other voice actor from Aichi Prefecture. We wonder if Akira Ishida is influencing him too much. What is it with guys from Aichi with sexy voices and not singing? Oy.

But when we finally finished work, we checked our e-mail and found we'd been offered two new(ish) titles!! Woohoo!!! And one of them is one we're fans of already! The previous translator has become unavailable, but for good reasons, fortunately, so we get to do them now! Yaaaaay! And they're both in current release, so we probably could talk about them, but it's not official yet, so I'm actually wondering if maybe I shouldn't say anything just yet. Hm. But it's exciting and we don't have much other news.

Anyway, it was almost six o'clock when we got the e-mail, so we made a mad dash to find out what we could about the other title so we could e-mail our boss, but I don't know if we made it in time. And it's Friday!! Aaaaaaaaaaugh!!! But at least we know what they are now (we first started talking about it on Monday). I actually kind of had a feeling on one of them that turned out to be right.

So now it's looking like we need to make a manga order, to make sure we're caught up on everything... although they might send us the English versions... but for the volumes that haven't come out yet that have been translated, that could be tricky. So anyway, we're going to order manga. This works out very well, because we have some other manga-related stuff in the works currently that has us realizing that we're not as up on manga as we used to be. Now we just need to pull ourselves away from the video games long enough to actually read.

Today I'm thankful for being almost done with that translation (we finally pulled ourselves away when we got to the little bonus thing at the end), getting our shiny CDs, voice actors who we can be pretty sure will never stop singing if they can help it, the prospect of buying more manga, and having money with which to do so.
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