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Can't take a compliment

Whew, finally finished working.

FIRST!!! Some news for those of you Bus Gamer fans out there. There's actually not a whole lot, but we have an air date now! It seems to differ depending on where you are (or maybe just what provider you have?), but the most common date seems to be March 17. TV Osaka seems to be showing it on the 14th, for what it's worth. Also, apparently Kazuya Minekura is helping with the music for this one, and she says it's really cool (the music is; she hasn't commented on the working on it part).

And since I don't have a whole lot else to say on that, it's time to change the subject. It's kind of funny how lately (or today at least) it seems that whenever work is wearing us out, Del Rey comes along with something happy. It happened twice today! (I guess today was very wearing.) First, we got a copy of the latest volume of the happy new series. And second, our boss e-mailed us to let us know that one of the reviewers at Pop Culture Shock singled out one of our Hockey Club 3 translators' notes for a compliment. Here's the link; you have to scroll down a ways to get to it, but it's the one about dad jokes.

Oh, but we have such a hard time taking compliments. Our boss thanked us for taking the extra effort to make the notes funny, and our first reaction is, "But our notes have been boring lately!! Oh nooooo!!" And then our second reaction was to think, "Wait, does oyaji actually mean dad, or is it just old man? Did we get that wrong? Oh, I just know some know-it-all fan's gonna come along and..." It can be trying being us sometimes, but at least we have fun doing it. Or at least we're entertained, rather. And we thanked our boss for telling us about it, and said it made our day, because even though we are insane, it did make us happy♥

Oh, and in case anybody was wondering, we looked it up, and oyaji does really mean dad. Whew.

Today I'm thankful for the funniest Banri Hidaka's Daily Heaven we've read so far (for details on Banri Hidaka's Daily Heaven, see "I Hate You More Than Anyone"! (shameless plug)), not having translated oyaji wrong, being done with work for the day, dad jokes, and sincere compliments.
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