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Workaholism strikes again!


Another Day, Another Day

Hmm, I guess that second one doesn't work without the right intonation. It was supposed to be like, "Another day, another dollar," "Another day, another frightening amusement park mishap," etc. But Athena didn't have anything to add to the other day except another day. We actually did hear that second example once. It was a commercial for the news on a day when there was apparently a frightening amusement park mishap. Maybe that comes from living in an area with three fairly big amusement parks.

So anyway, I'd thought the workaholism had subsided when I realized that we really don't work that long before jumping at the chance to play video games, but it seems like any time we're working on a really hard series, we tend to push ourselves harder. I guess it's kind of like, "I'll show you, crazy hard series!!" and kind of like, "But if we don't finish this one, we won't be able to go on to the next one!!" Not to say we want to get it over with (although the "it being hard" part is something I wouldn't mind going away), but that we recently got a work order for +ANIMA, among other fun things to work on in the future.

And so, today we spent a looooong time working. By which I mean we worked an extra hour and a half. But I have a Mimsy on my lap, so it's all good.

Changing the subject, as I've mentioned before, we've been going through the old SARU forums and backing stuff up. It's really just a matter of saving as, but it's a good opportunity to read through the old threads, some of which are really really funny. So now, I think I'll post one of them! Now I have to go decide which one to post... I was thinking a shorter one might be better, but this one probably represents everybody the best. We haven't gotten permission from anyone else to post this, so hopefully it won't be a problem.

Goku: Starting now, me, Hakkai, Sanzo, Duo and Tohru are the Forum Defense Force! Now we have to choose image colors. I'm the leader, so I'm red. If anyone else has any color preference, choose now!
Duo: Ooh! Oooooh! Black! I get black!! Or blue... or green.. crap... no, black. I'm staying with black. I promise!
Goku: Aw, man, now we have two people wanting black. Maybe you should jan-ken for it. I guess Tohru should be pink, since she's the girl. (Note: Sanzo had also asked for black, but apparently deleted the post.)
Sanzo: I rescind my claim on black. Why? Because I'm not going to be part of some stupid Forum Defense Force. Have you been eating the mushrooms, Goku?
Duo: Tohru would also look good in yellow. Like when she dressed in The Thing!
Yuki: *twitch* WHAT'S THE THING??
Goku: What mushrooms? No one told me we had mushrooms! And here I am starving...
Sanzo: Besides, why should you be the leader? You should be the comic relief in orange.
Goku: I'm the leader because it was my idea. Besides, there's no orange in a defense force!
Duo: *leader implications finally sink in* You know, Goku, you do tend to wear a lot of orange... Hey, the fat dude in Voltron wore orange! He was a defense force guy!
Goku: I wear red too! Besides, I'm the leader!! I am I am I am!!!
Duo: So, do you think Hakkai will choose green? Tohru will wear anything we tell her to wear...
Sanzo: *whaps Goku with fan* You don't wear red, you wear pink.
Duo: I guess that leaves yellow for Tohru.. and red for me! I guess you can have black now, Sanzo, if you still want it.
Sanzo: I'm not joining this defense force if Duo's the leader, either.
Goku: NO I'M RED!!!!! Don't you remember three years ago? I wore red!! I'm red I'm red I'M RED!!!!!
Sanzo: Fine, you're red. But red's not always the leader.
Duo: So, you won't join IF, I thought you weren't going to join at ALL. *whispers to Goku* You're wearing him down. Keep at it. Maybe HE can wear pink.
Sanzo: *whaps Duo HARD* I'm white.
Duo: Ow! *scowls and rubs the back of his head* Most of us are White, don't be hating on yourself for it. *snickers*
Goku: *whispers back to Duo* That would be the BEST!! I'M RED!!!! And you have to join!! We can't have a defense force without five! And you're the best qualified!! Besides, I said so!!!
Sanzo: I just said I'd join and be white. White's leadership trumps Red.
Goku: Does not!! Haven't you seen Dino Thunder?
Duo: Wow, from self hate to blatant rascism... dang, Sanzo... and here I thought you were Chinese...
Sanzo: Nope, can't say as I have, Goku. But in the second half of the original when they were still using bits from the Japanese the white ranger's authority so trumped the red ranger's. *whaps Duo with the fan INSANELY HARD*
Goku: No kidding, Duo. Where's your sense of patriotism, Sanzo? Besides, now Tommy's the black ranger, and he is so not even the leader.
Duo: Sanzo's such a pu.. OW!! Dangit, Sanzo, we're just kidding about the tight bodysuit comments... kind of. Not really.
Sanzo: Duo's the one who wants to be black. Freaking reverse Oreo.
Duo: Reverse?? *looks down at his outfit, then at Sanzo like he's got a screw loose* Dude, I wear black, I AM white... I'm an original Oreo... all the way... You need glasses or a lobotomy, man.
Sanzo: That's your outfit, you geek. Your skin is still white, but apparently you want to be black.
Goku: Ooh! What's a lobotomy? Can I eat it? I want one!!

Aaaaand that's it for now. There's still two more pages on it, so if you want the rest, feel free to ask. And I guess it only represents three people. Tohru and Hilde show up later, though. Hakkai never did come around to say what color he wanted. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for defense forces, CDs, package tracking, paper fans, and printer cartridges.
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