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Fruits Basket 21

Last night we beat Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and saw "deep dive" for the first time, not that it matters now that KH2 has been out so long. But it was awesome.

Kingdom Hearts does remind me of Motoko from Fruits Basket though, for reasons that only need to make sense to us, and that brings me to Fruits Basket volume 21. If any of you have seen Weiss Kreuz, you'll know that Omi is the type of character that's just so sweet and lovable but has so much bad stuff happen to him that the whole time they're going into his story you're like, "Awwwwwww, he needs hugs." We decided that that's what "itoshii" means whenever it shows up in Fruits Basket. And that definitely describes this volume.

Okay, you know the rules. Quick recap: Kyo finishes telling Tohru about him not saving Kyoko, she says she loves him anyway, he says he's disillusioned and walks off, she goes after him and runs into Akito, Tohru falls off a cliff, Yuki takes her to the hospital then beats up Kyo for not doing it himself, Akito talks to Momiji, and Yuki and Machi exchange gifts. Please forget you've read anything past that before making any comments.

As I mentioned before, this volume has a lot of people needing hugs, and Kyo is definitely one of them. He was so cute and stupid, but it was kind of endearing. I like to see people take responsibility. I don't like them to blame themselves for everything and constantly say they're terrible people, but I think in Kyo's case he had a lot of stuff, so it's more forgivable (but he doesn't want that anyway, so either way, I guess it's fine).

The really interesting thing for me about this volume was the chapter where Akito runs into Tohru. Akito, as I've mentioned in the past, is one of three characters whose faces Athena wanted to scratch out with her pen every time they showed up. But in that chapter, we're like, "I know how she feels." We're actually a little bit the opposite though. Akito says to Tohru that she's a liar and she says she'll be Akito's friend but as soon as Akito starts crying, Tohru will get sick of her. In our case, we tend to suspect people of only paying attention to us because we're crying, and we're pretty well convinced that as soon as we stop, they'll stop feeling guilty and start leaving us out again. At any rate, Tohru dealt with it in probably the best way possible, because if she'd tried to deny it, I know I would have been like, "Yeah, I already told you to stop lying, stupid." It was so sweet with the bit with Tohru sitting down next to Akito.

And then Tohru fell off a cliff. Athena's comment was, "Karma really doesn't like Akito." And my response was, "Yeah, but why d'they gotta take it out on Tohru?" And here we were so relieved after Kyo's ominous monologue about the same thing happening again and the knife falling on the ground. We were both like, "Oh good, knife's on the ground. We're safe." We did not see the cliff thing coming. But I was so proud of Akito not turning psycho again. I was afraid she'd see Shigure and be like, "On second thought, I don't need your help."

Actually, we called Mom to see if we could go grocery shopping right after we finished the chapter where Tohru fell, and she said she'd talk to Steve and call back. Knowing their discussion could take any amount of time, we decided to go back to work while we waited.

When Kyo finally showed up and Yuki was like, "Don't touch her," and standing there like he wanted to add, "You filth," I was all like, "You did not just do that!" But then it was just because she hit her head, so it was all good. Yuki was exceedingly awesome in this volume. But anyway, Kyo's all crying over her, and she's talking in her head, and we just read the line where she's like, "Even if I'm not by your side anymore..." and the phone rang. Mom and Steve were almost at our place to pick us up. My reaction was, "Dang it dang it dang it!!!"

Needless to say, we were relieved when we got back from shopping and finished the chapter with Tohru waking up. We figured she couldn't die, she being the main character and there being two whole books left in the series, but it's still a really bad place to have to stop.

Yuki beating up Kyo over Tohru was the best thing ever. It made me wonder if Yuki could have saved everyone a lot of grief if he'd just told Kyo he wanted to be like him to begin with, because then he would have said it first like he wanted and Kyo would have beaten Yuki and therefore also won his bet with Akito. But then he'd lose his reason to hate Yuki and have nothing left but his self-hatred, so I guess it was all for the best. And then Yuki turned into Evil Yuki, and that was also the best thing ever.

And then Arisa and Saki threatened to kill Kyo. This was the scene that made us wonder if Natsuki Takaya was playing Neo Angelique at the time she drew it, because Arisa talked about finishing Kyo off using a word commonly used by Hyuga, and then she called for her spear, which is the weapon Hyuga fights with. We know she plays Neo Romance games, so it's a definite possibility. I also suspect that Yuki knew Saki and Arisa getting mad at Kyo would help Kyo feel better, so his Evil Yuki act was actually a Super Nice Yuki in Disguise Act, which is also Awesome.

The last chapter in the volume, with Yuki and Machi, was another one we could really relate with. But then, we can almost always relate with Yuki. That Juusanshi fortune-telling really is amazingly accurate. At least in our case. But it's true--it doesn't matter how many people would notice if you weren't around anymore. As long as there's one person, it's a major blessing. You'd think as twins we wouldn't have to worry about that kind of thing. I guess it's like when you have a twin and you get along with them, not having them around is like not having your arm. It's just such a natural thing that you might as well be by yourself. Sort of. It's hard to explain. At any rate, I'm very happy for Yuki and Machi, and a little jealous.

Well, I think that about covers it. We turned the translation in before lunch, despite our very late start, and then we started on I Hate You More Than Anyone, which is much scarier to translate. Much, much scarier. But we're not too worried, because we have plenty of time before deadline.

Today I'm thankful for Yuki being awesome, kitties asleep on dance pads, finally having seen "deep dive," having a Mimsy on my lap, and getting to watch the history of Pixar Shorts.
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