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Minor update

Seeing as how we're under the illusion that we have some free time, I thought I'd update.

I'm actually feeling very relaxed now, because all our costumes are only missing accessories, except for Eisen, who, ironically, is the only one whose accessories are done. Except for shoes. And tabi. Okay, never mind.

We've been having adventures in costuming, including buying several yards of silk and burning my left index finger on the iron, which was a problem because I'm left-handed. One of our visiting teachers was kind enough to take us fabric shopping on Monday. She decided there was nothing decent on the radio, so she turned on her Pocahontas soundtrack and we've had the music stuck in our heads ever since.

"Savages" is way too much fun to sing along to. Fortunately, Jessica didn't have a problem with it, because she was singing along too. In fact, she's happy to know that she's not the only crazy person who sings along with Disney music.

Savages! Savages!
Demons! Devils!

Waaaay too much fun.

And tomorrow we leave for AX. It's like our entire year is a prelude to this weekend. Only more like the past few months, since we procrastinated on the costumes some. It's been a long year.

Can't wait to see everyone there!
Tags: anime expo, cosplay, pocahontas

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