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No time no time no time!!!

It's kind of funny, because we never saw that "privileged meme" until kabochan posted it saying she's seen it all over and figured she might as well join in, and then like the next four entries in our friends list were other people doing that meme. But we're not going to do that meme because! we have no time. Or we're under the illusion that we have no time. We haven't quite figured out which yet.

We haven't heard back from our boss regarding our Fruits Basket deadline, so we figure our best bet is to just finish it as soon as we can. Except that that's not going to happen by the end of the work day, no matter how hard we work, so we figure it's alright to take it a little bit easy. There's some crazy stuff happening in this volume, that's for sure.

It's raining like pretty hard outside, which is why I think Oreo is hiding under the blankets right now, since it's not very cold. This was a problem earlier when I climbed onto my bed to do brain training and hit him hard with my knee, poor guy. I had a minor panic attack, but all he did was meow once. I was still panicking though, so I had to check if he was breathing (that's about all I could tell with him so thoroughly under the blankets).

I feel like I had more to talk about, but not. At any rate, it might be for the best for us to get a snack and then get back to work.

Today I'm thankful for getting our package from RightStuf, getting pretty new manga to translate, being able to work as a team and thereby get translations done a lot faster, having a pretty Fruits Basket CD to listen to while we work, and the idea that Revenant Wings and Neo Angelique aren't going anywhere and will still be available when we finally have time to play them.
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