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Poor Kitty... Part II

Tonight and last night, Oreo's been staking out the front door. Sometimes he'll meow as if trying to ask something, like where Celeste went. I think he really misses Celeste. She was the only person other than the two of us that he'd come out of hiding for.

But on the other hand, last time Mom brought her stepdaughter over to pet him, he hissed at her. It's kind of funny, actually, because it was when Mom came to feed the cats while we were at Disneyland, and there were several times throughout the course of the day that Athena expressed her regret over not expressly telling Mom not to bring kids over to pet the cats, because Oreo hates it so much it literally makes him vomit. Ah well.

So it seems like Oreo likes to have people around, but only the kind of people who won't freak him out. Kind of like us.

I makes me worry about how they're going to react to us being gone for a week, especially since we still haven't got someone to feed them. Sometimes I wish we could just take them to AX with us. Mimsy could be Yoruichi!

Eheh. Or not.
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