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Kitties and monkeys

I feel like today has been a long day and yet I'm like, "It's already four o'clock?"

We had a small moral dilemma when the Cat Returned. Remember that cat that got trapped in the neighbors' yard the other day? Well, we heard some meowing outside our door, and Oreo and Mimsy rushed to see what it was, and I was like, "Neat, there's probably a cat outside!" so I opened the door... and remembered that stray cats can make non-stray cats sick. So I closed the door out of consideration for Oreo and Mimsy (based on the fluffiness of Oreo's tail, we figure it probably wouldn't have been pretty if we let the other cat in anyway; we found out the other day when Oreo and Mimsy were fighting that Oreo's tail gets really fluffy when he's ready to fight). And then I felt really bad because what if the cat needed help?

Athena pointed out just now that most cats work in such a way that if they need help, they're not going to go around asking for it.

Anyway, our next door neighbor, who is far nicer than our downstairs neighbors were, also heard the meowing and came to say hi or something, but then she told it to go home, and then it ran inside her apartment, so she chased it out, and then lured it down the stairs with what looked like bologna. I watched all this through the peep hole in our door, and I thought it might be a good chance to get to know the neighbor, but I was still concerned about Oreo and Mimsy, as well as being afraid of people. Sigh. But I think the strange cat (who may actually not be stray for all we know) is okay.

Let's see... Pre-registration is up for Anime Expo. We found out about it yesterday, but we didn't look into it because industry registration is usually set up later, but apparently that's not the case this year, so we'll be registering tomorrow. I thought we should post on LJ about it ASAP to let people know, but then I realized that I don't think anyone on our friends' list is going to AX 2008. It seems like we'll be having another slightly lonely AX, but we have made some very good friends at the convention itself in the past, so hopefully we can do that again.

We got the new manuals for church today, and I am very excited, because we're learning from the teachings of Joseph Smith!

And we're backing up the S.A.R.U. forums. For those of you who don't know what that is, it started as an attempt to unite all the Provo anime fans. But, as I mentioned yesterday, we have a really hard time drumming up interest. Still, there were a few people who came regularly, and we had some good times. We eventually moved them away from...the place we had them before onto what was meant to be the awesomest Saiyuki fansite Ever, and they stayed pretty low key. Eventually people got bored with them and drifted away, but we've been sticking around and deleting spam. Unfortunately, the spammers are getting less and less to do that's not spamming or something, so we decided it's time to back everything up and call it quits.

There was some pretty fun stuff on there, though. We started a forums defense force and had an awesome thread about who got to be what colors (inspired by Kakeru from Fruits Basket). I think maybe I'll copy it here so people can see it sometime, because it was indeed very awesome. We'll see how non-lazy I'm feeling in the future.

Today I'm thankful for people coming to talk to us in the library, being invited to sit with someone in Sacrament Meeting, phone calls from Dad, memories of good times, and the new Joseph Smith manual.
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