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I don't think that quite fits. Oh well.

Our package came today! I kind of had a feeling it would, but I wasn't sure if it was an actual premonitiony thing or if it was just a very strong hope. But it doesn't matter, because it came and now we have Neo Angelique. I thought about updating Live Journal before we got to it so I wouldn't have to worry about it in the middle of playing, but I didn't wanna, so I didn't, and now I'm here updating because we've taken a break because now that all the fancy voice-recorded parts are over we can't decide who wants to read which part. We'll have to do that before we start it up again, which is kind of sad because we're both so indecisive it will take forever, but it would be lame to just play the game in silence. Ah well.

Incidentally, one of the characters is named JD. It's like fate.

In other news, we have finally rejoined Netflix. It's crazy awesome, like we're finally back in civilized society or something. I'm really not sure how that works, because it's definitely not going to help us get out of the house anymore, and we don't even have anything to watch yet, since we just rejoined today, but it feels nice. We could watch something instantly on our computer right now if we want! But we don't, because we want to play Neo Angelique. Y'know, as soon as we figure out who will be Rayne and who will be Nyx (the names in this game are Awesome (although the cat's name is Elvin, which is cool because of like elves and stuff, but reminds us of Elvin in the Cosby Show, who you really wouldn't expect to find in a video game)).

But anyway, since we're part of civilized society with our fancy Netflix subscription again, we have interesting notions about thing like a Netflix anime club. It'd be kind of like a book club, and kind of like a non-location-specific anime club, where everybody rents a DVD and watches it by a certain time, and then we all have a discussion about it, or just post about it in a Live Journal community or something. The tricky thing would be preventing spoilers from people who've already seen a series or rented ahead or something. It almost sounds dangerous in that regard. The other tricky thing would be drumming up interest. For some reason we've always been really bad at that. It's an idea anyway.

Well, I can't think of anything else to talk about. Today I'm thankful for getting our shiny package, leisurely Saturdays, chocolate peanut caramel clusters, our light potentially being fixed (Athena found bits of wire on the balcony, indicating they've been doing electrical work on the roof; we haven't tested our living room light for very long yet), and renewed Netflix subscriptions.
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