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Curiosity killed the cat? Uh-oh...

Last night we made the mistake of not checking the mail until after our apartment office was closed. Normally this would not be a mistake, because even when we do get package slips, we have a pretty good idea of who's sending us what, and while we're sad to not be able to go get them, at least we're not dying from curiosity. This time, however, we knew that the only package we had left to expect from the US Postal Service would fit in the mailbox, and therefore not require a package slip. And so all night as we kept resetting Fire Emblem, we would glance at the package slip and wonder where on earth it came from. Or rather where the package came from, since the slip obviously came from the local post office.

We figured we'd find out this morning when we got back from our trip to Game Stop. We were a little disappointed in this regard, because our ride to Game Stop found herself detained and we didn't hear from her until about an hour and a half after we'd planned to go. Fortunately, after about forty-five minutes, we figured if she hadn't forgotten, she wouldn't be coming for another fifteen minutes (ten sounds kind of like eleven, right? maybe I'd heard wrong on the phone), so we went and got the package! Yay!!

It was from Dad! This was a surprise, because normally he just sends us money, and that, too, would fit in the mailbox. So our curiosity was sated in that regard, but since it's addressed to all the Nibley girls, we figured we should at least wait until we were all together, if not until Christmas, to open it. So now! we're curious as to what on earth is Dad sending us? Sigh. The only problem I have with Christmas is that we have to wait to find out what all the fun new toys are and play with them, when any other time of the year, we can open our new toys whenever we want. But that's pretty selfish, and Christmastime has a ton of other awesome stuff to make up for it.

Our ride to Game Stop finally arrived, and so we went! ...and proceeded to get two new toys for the Twins as well as gifts for Mom and Sarah (though technically one was a preorder, so we don't really have it). Athena's really excited to play Revenant Wings, too, and it's a whole lot easier to say, "It doesn't count; we already got presents for each other. We can play it whenever we want!" But we have other things to do, anyway, so I guess we'll be patient.

When we were done with Game Stop, we accompanied our ride on her various errands, and ended up buying a lot of treats. Even at Winco, we were like, "No, we're done buying stuff today," but then we passed through an aisle we don't normally pass through and discovered Winco has been carrying Pocky all this time. Needless to say, we bought some for us and Sarah and Celeste. I think they like the strawberry kind better, but that one came in smaller boxes.

And when we went to get our package, the lady in the office told us we have to go to the apartment Christmas party. She tried to lure us there with food, which is actually a turn-off for us, but she was pretty insistent, so we'll stop by for a bit. It starts in half an hour, but I think we'll be fashionably late, or probably more late than that. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for having all our Christmas shopping done, being in a financial situation where we can afford stuff, people who care enough to insist we go to their party, Christmas packages from Dad, and finding Pocky at Winco.
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