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...have nothing to do with this entry, but when I was trying to think of a subject line, I was looking around and saw an old coupon for penguin slippers that we got when we saw Happy Feet a year ago.


It seems that DC Comics is really big on the holidays. Not only did we get the fancy box with the deck of playing cards, but we got a greeting card in the mail, and one in our e-mail. I wonder if we're supposed to respond with a thank you note or something. (I accidentally left the e off of note, so we're like, "Thank you! ...Not!" "Oh, the nineties...") It seems like they'd be sending this stuff out to everybody, and expecting a thank you from all those people could only cause chaos and confusion. Athena suggests we get into the habit of sending out Christmas cards, and then we can send them to all our employers. I wonder if big companies like getting stuff like that or if they just toss it. This is all sorts of confusing.

Anyway. Um. Hm. Today has been pretty uneventful, actually. Since we turned in a translation yesterday, we figured we'd just take a five-day Christmas weekend (though we might work on Monday; we'll see how we're feeling). We did finally get to buy a song in the DDR Supernova 2 shop that's apparently the opening theme to the anime Sky Girls, so hopefully that means it won't be long before we can buy Trust, Yoko's image song from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. Since that song is the reason we bought the game, we're pretty excited about that. In the meantime, playing through the Sky Girls opening theme is very difficult, because I'm constantly distracted by the animated music video in the background.

We watched Ratatouille last night. That was fun, except it reminded us that, though the characters' stupid moments are realistic, they do sometimes make the movie drag a little. But by the end, we love it anyway. The bonus short with Remy and Emille telling the history of rats is hilarious. Made of awesome is what it is. Everybody rent the DVD so you can see it!

I guess that's it. We have to do laundry today. I'm sure I've done my whole, "Why does everyone hate doing laundry?" spiel before, but since I can't remember, I'll go ahead and do it again. Why does everybody hate doing laundry? All they do is put a bunch of clothes in a machine and wait for the machine to do all the work for them, and then they put the clothes in the drier, and wait for that machine to do all the work. And yet, the idea of putting the clothes in the machine is one of the most hateful ideas. I seriously don't know what our problem is. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for laundry machines, the history of rats animated short, being loved by Batman (obviously DC Comics loves and appreciates us, which means Batman must too, right?), anime songs in DDR, and heaters.
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