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Once upon a time...

As we were looking up poems this morning, we got a knock at the door. We hadn't been expecting anybody or anything, and the Jehovah's Witnesses were here yesterday, so it was an interesting surprise. When I opened the door, there was a guy standing there with a package. He was wearing the uniform for the shipping company that CMX uses, and indeed the return address said DC Comics. I thought it was either some comp copies of I Hate You More Than Anyone (awesome series) or a later volume in the series (we have the next one, but our editor said he wanted to send a bunch to us).

So I took the box into the office (also the bedroom) so we could open it. Come to think of it, usually when we get books, they're sent in envelopes. But anyway, the box was full of bubble wrap!! Yay! And it's the big easy-to-pop kind! Double yay!!!

The end.

Just kidding!

There was another box inside the box. This was a fancy box, of the variety that fancy things come in. It was made of black cardboard, and has some sort of decorative print on it. I have vague memories of something like a thought of, "Oh, this must be a holiday thing for the employees," but curiosity had knocked it out of the way, against the wall and unconscious before it could continue to, "Maybe we should wait to open it until Christmas." And inside... was another box!!


This box is a very fancy wooden box, and it says "DC Holiday 2007" in black on the lid. In side is a deck of playing cards, and the top one wishes us happy holidays. We haven't taken the shrink wrap off of the cards yet, but we can see that the joker looks like the guy from MAD Magazine (also a branch of DC Comics, we just found out today). Looking at the sides of the deck, it does look like they are some fancy cards, but we figure we can save a little of the surprises for Christmas.

The moral of the story is, being on DC Comics' payroll is Awesome.

I guess that's more a boast than a moral. Teheh. Still very awesome, though, and I need to point it out, because we have been laughed at for bothering with CMX to begin with. (Well, maybe more snickered at, or smirked at, but still.) So I guess the real moral of the story is don't judge a company by their... um... obscurity? We don't know exactly what it is that person was laughing at, so we don't know what they were judging by, but the point is, don't judge a book by its cover. Yeah.

Today I'm thankful for shiny presents from DC Comics, having lots of bubble wrap!, having The Fantastic Four on DVD (we have never had a chance to see it, but it was on sale at the grocery store for $6, so we're like, "We've heard at least $6 worth of good things about it, so why not?"), still having a sizable supply of Christmas chocolates now that they're apparently out of the ones we like (grief...), and being able to amuse ourselves.
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