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Aaaand we're dead.

By the time we finally got a ride to the ward Christmas party, we decided we didn't care about disguises anymore. It turned out to be fine, because the girl who talked to us in church on Sunday wasn't really after us, which is very nice of her.

However, we had forgotten about the fifth person in the ward who can tell us apart. She used to be my visiting teacher, and, as some of you know, she still comes over to watch Princess Tutu occasionally. We've been trying to make plans for the past few weeks now, but she kept having to reschedule for some reason. We knew she was suspect when, the Sunday after the assassin game started, she came into the library and asked if she could come over.

And that brings us to last night. We saw her as she was getting up from a table to go talk to someone or something, and we're all like, "Hi!" and she's all like, "Hi!" and, as she walked by, she stuck a sticker on my shoulder and said, "You're dead." Well, shucks. It's just as well, though, because as long as we're in the game, it'd probably never end. I realized that keeping the sticker on my shoulder might give Athena away to her assassin, but I liked it (it's a pretty star sticker!), so I kept it there anyway.

We had lost Athena's stickers, so I gave her mine, since I didn't need them anymore, and she managed to get her target as she walked by. The target immediately turned around and said, "Hey! You guys suck!" and I'm like, "What did I do!?" Later, when she was talking to our former home teacher about it, she pointed at me and told him I killed her, and I was like, "Hey, I didn't kill you!" and she promptly amended to say she meant Athena had done it, as if she had been pointing at Athena the whole time. Our former home teacher asked if she'd used that fact to make it look like she'd gotten it right the whole time, and she denied it, but I'm pretty sure she did, because she was almost definitely pointing directly at me. She should have owned it, too, because that makes her look smart. It's amazing how people will make themselves look dumber in one way so as not to look bad in another way.

Anyway. Our former home teacher was also the one who drove us to the party, as well as a member of the activities committee, meaning he had to stay and help clean up. Instead of being awesome and helping, we hung around talking. So we were talking to one of the bishopric's wives, and the game got brought up, because former home teacher was dressed in all black like a ninja. I showed her my star and told her I was dead. She left to put some stuff away, and when she came back, she gave Athena a star so we could match. You guessed it! Athena was her target. The bishop's wife was telling us that she was talking to somebody who had one of us and they were trying to figure out who was who, but we never put two and two together. It's true that the bishop's wife talks to a lot of people, after all. It's just that the two of the people she talks to most are the counselors' wives.

And that's what happens when you don't help out.

But that's okay, because we got to take home all the extra dinner rolls. And! thanks to being pinned to the couch by a giant Oreo, we finally got to see the elusive musical episode of Scrubs. It is hard to be made of more awesome than that, my goodness.

Today I'm thankful for UPS guys working through the wet wet rain, dinner rolls and having lots of them, getting to see the musical episode of Scrubs, not really being killed, and having figured out that our cable guide has switched the descriptions on the musical episode and the Iraq episode of Scrubs so now we can more easily not miss the musical one.
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