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It's not safe!!!

Yesterday while I was out getting an envelope for our tithing, a girl at church came to talk to Athena. She told Athena that she's a little embarrassed that she couldn't tell us apart yet. We've talked to her before, and we could probably say we're friends and stuff, so Athena didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until later that Athena remembered that the assassin game is still going on. It pretty much has to be, since no one's killed us yet.

We always knew we had an edge, because only about four people in the entire ward can tell us apart, two of them are our sisters, and one of them tells us apart when we start talking and can't help anybody that way. The fourth person is a good friend, so hopefully he wouldn't help anybody kill us, especially because it would probably be more entertaining for his part not to help them.

But now this girl has asked us, and Athena didn't realize until later that it might have been a trap.

Normally it wouldn't be an issue, because the person who drove us to FHE every week started night classes a while ago, so we haven't been able to get anywhere since the game started, and church meetings are off-limits for killing people (it definitely would not be very appropriate). But this week is the ward Christmas party, and despite our hatred of white elephant gift exchanges, we actually do want to go. Of course, currently, we're still having trouble getting a ride, so whether we want to go or not may not be an issue.

But anyway, we'll just have to be extra careful. The way we normally tell people they can tell us apart is that Athena has a birthmark on her neck (people just don't believe that we're too possessive to switch jackets and/or shoes), and that's easily covered up with a band-aid. Of course, I'd have to wear one too so they don't get it by process of elimination.

In the meantime, I think I had something else to talk about... that's right. Athena has developed a blister on her thumb from fighting Sephiroth last night in Kingdom Hearts. It was kind of amazing, because she'd been fighting him for like an hour or something, and she said, "Okay, just one last time, and then we'll start trying to beat him tomorrow. This is getting a little too intense for Sundays." And I was like, "But if we try to beat Sephiroth tomorrow, that'll be that much longer before we beat Final Fantasy IV..." But then it didn't matter because she miraculously defeated him! And she was at level 88 and had three elixirs left when she was done! Of course, that might not be much to brag about, because since you can only fight the mystery man after you beat Sephiroth, they might have made him a bit easier for Final Mix.

We never beat him when we played Kingdom Hearts 1 before, so we don't know if you get the One-Winged Angel key-chain in the domestic release, but man is that thing fun to swing around. It's like fighting with a torch.

Today I'm thankful for the lady at the 99-cents Only Store in front of us buying tape (thus reminding us to do so ourselves), having pretty wrapping paper to wrap presents in (we used to just cop out and not wrap presents, but lately I've been thinking that it's kind of sad not to be able to tear up a piece of paper to find out what's inside; kind of sad for the paper though, darn that Animaniacs cartoon!), band-aids, clever disguises, and translation going fast again.
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