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Romantic strawberries?

We got an e-mail from our Japanese pen pal today! Yay! This is especially happy because last night, we were feeling kind of lonely. We also got friendly notes from two girls in the ward, including our former roommate, so we've got all sorts of warm fuzzies. Just more evidence that the Lord answers prayers through people.

Anyway, speaking of e-mails from Clay, a looooong time ago, we were talking to parkcooper, and strawberries got brought up. There was a rumor going around that strawberries are a symbol of romance in anime and stuff. We'd never heard that one before, so we asked Clay about it. And now we finally have an answer!

According to Clay, they are tied with romance, but not enough that they're a symbol of it. It's about to the degree that it's the other thing people compare the flavor of a first kiss to (the first thing being lemons). He also says that, more than objects, colors tend to represent things in Japan. This is where it gets really interesting for the Saiyuki fans in us, even though it is fairly similar to color symbolization in America. It's just neat is all. Anyway, according to Clay, pink colors represent romance, yellow and orange represent money and genkiness, white is purity, purple is frustration, blue is calm in cool composed way, and green is calm in a gentle quiet way. Purple is the only one that's really different, but it's awesome that that would be Sanzo's image color.

In other news, somehow rumors have started spreading around the ward that we're really good at DDR. The elders quorum president and his first counselor came in to the library to check out a video and a TV, and the first counselor said, "So I hear you two are really good at DDR." And I said, "We're alright." And he said, "That's not what I heard." And I thought, "Wha...?" I mean, we've seen what some people can do in DDR, and seriously, we're alright. So it makes us curious to know who's saying what about us and DDR. Not that we're offended, of course. Just curious.

Athena says it's probably Celeste, because we got her thinking about DDR on Thanksgiving, so she would have mentioned it to her roommates (she even suggested we bring it over to her place so she could play more). Still, I don't know why she'd be saying we're really good at it. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for the messages on the hot sauce packets at Taco Bell, friendly notes from people, getting an e-mail from Clay, the Relief Society teacher who always brings treats, and having arranged for a ride to Game Stop on Friday.
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