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We are finally back! I say, as if we've been gone all day. And we've actually been back for a while. So really that whole first sentence is pointless, and I could save you all a lot of trouble by deleting this whole paragraph, but where's the fun in that? I mean really.

Anyway, today we went DDR shopping. Well, technically it was Christmas shopping... ish? But the main purpose was to buy DDR, and possibly to give Mom a chance to spend time with us so she could figure out what to get us, since every time we mentioned something we wanted/needed, she asked how much it cost. And we're like, "No, Mom, we were going to buy one for ourselves." We are such bad Christmas shoppers. We only got one present (Scrubs season 1 on DVD), and that's only a present because we said it could be Athena's present to me, since I'm the one she's supposed to be getting a gift for this year, and we decided we needed to stop buying presents for ourselves (we ordered Neo Angelique on Monday; we are so spoiled, ugh).

But Mom and Sarah were both there, and they're two out of the three people we still need presents for. We ordered a present for Mom, but then we figured out she already had it, so we have to think of something else. I asked her what she wanted, and either she didn't hear me or was ignoring me because she doesn't want us to go to the trouble, but the Twins cannot be foiled so easily! We are crafty little elves. Of course, the little part depends on what kind of elf you're going with, but anyway. Her other catchphrase of the day was, "Do they make it for DS?" So obviously we just need to get to Game Stop. Sarah's catchphrase was, "Sarah only has one DS game" (speaking in the third person runs in the family; we think Sarah got it from us, but we're not sure if we got it from Aurora or Celeste or anime) so that makes it very easy for us. Assuming we can find a ride. To ho ho.

After all the shopping was done we went out to eat, so now we are full and happy! On the way back to Mom's place to trade cars (Sarah was going to take the car we were in and take us home so she could stay and practice the song she's singing in church tomorrow, and Mom and Steve were going to get the other car and buy groceries), Steve and Sarah were talking about how she's going to Boise for New Year's for some college football game (she's in the college here's color guard). Apparently the college in Boise has a blue football field, which was brought up as something that was quite fascinating. Our first question was whether or not the grass was real, and when we were told it wasn't, we immediately lost interest. I mean, if it's fake grass anyway, they can easily make it whatever color they want. Maybe we just watch too many cartoons to be fazed by blue grass.

And now that we're home and Sarah has practiced her song and left, I am sitting here with an Oreo on my lap, and his chin on my wrist as I try to type. I wonder if he likes that or if he wishes I would stop.

Today I'm thankful for getting new gift ideas, Pizza Hut Express, finally having a chance to rehearse that song with Sarah, the free samples we got at See's Candies not having nuts in them, and getting to borrow a lamp.
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