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This morning I was forced out of bed when somebody knocked on the door. It all started about a week ago when the apartment manager came by for her annual inspection. She had to make sure we weren't storing anything in the water heater closet. We weren't, but there were some kind of rodent droppings. She called the maintenance guys over (they were changing the air filters) and they looked at it and figured the rats or mice or whatever they were were coming into the little crawl space above the water heater closet, and stuff was coming through the vents. But they were going to call the pest control guy just in case.

And that brings us to today, when we had a knock at the door at the crack of eight-forty, twenty whole minutes before our alarm goes off! (Not to brag about sleeping in; we really should get up earlier, but that would require us not to stay up so late. Hm.) Anyway, I wanted to crawl back in bed, but I had to wait until he was done looking at stuff in case he had to tell me something. He had come to the same conclusion as the manager and left some sticky traps just in case. But he wanted us to know that we probably don't have a rodent problem, to put our minds at ease because he knows what it's like to have that. It was very sweet of him. And he was very adorable and he wished us a Merry Christmas.

And then I got to crawl back into bed for another twenty minutes (we hit snooze once). And that's our little adventure for the day. Tadah!

We've never had a rodent problem before (thankfully), but it did make me wonder, what is it like? And then I thought of being all comfy and asleep in bed and suddenly having a mysterious Thing skitter across you, and I thought, yeah, that's pretty freaky. We have cats, but I think that might make it worse, because then we'd end up with dead, half-eaten rodents. Since we don't have a yard for the cats to bury them in. Ew.

Speaking of which, once Oreo judged it was safe to come out of hiding, he started sniffing around the area near the water-heater closet. Apparently it was driving him nuts that he couldn't for the life of him figure out where the mystery smell was coming from. He even risked being stepped on to interrupt our DDR to see if he could enlist our help. We weren't sure exactly what it was he was smelling, so we decided we should vacuum. But that, too, was very cute♥

Today I'm thankful for not having a pest problem (that we know of), friendly pest control guys (that's an odd profession to think about; they're basically killers. I'm not sure what I think about that. But he was very nice otherwise.), snooze buttons, Mimsy only sometimes being a nuisance when I'm trying to type, and white cheddar popcorn (now we just need to get some...).
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