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Christmas, Christmas time is here~~♫

It's hard to believe Christmas is less than two weeks away. Time does fly.

Today has been a thoughtful day, for some reason. I'm not sure exactly what led to it, but I've been thinking about a story my former visiting teacher told us on Sunday when we were making plans to play DDR together. Er, rather, just talking about the possibility of getting together for DDR. But that's not the point.

Anyway, a friend of hers was living on the second floor of a three-story apartment complex. At one point, she kept hearing all this thumping from the apartment above her. It didn't really bother her at first, but as it kept going on and on, eventually it got to be quite maddening. I'm kind of paraphrasing/embellishing. Anyway, one day she finally made up her mind to go and talk to her upstairs neighbor about it. She was friends with him, which is probably why she let it go on without complaining. But when she knocked on the door, it was answered by another man--his roommate. And his roommate happened to only have one leg, and didn't like putting on the prosthetic leg just for walking around the house. And then she wasn't bothered by it so much anymore.

Speaking of DDR, that's what Mom and Steve decided to get for Kimee for Christmas. (And hopefully she's not reading this entry...) And that means we get to go DDR shopping with Mom on Saturday! Whee!! This is actually very exciting, because the other day we remembered how in love we are with Balthier, and that Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings has been out for DS for quite some time now without us getting it. It's kind of funny how pretty "revenant wings" sounds, and then you remember that a revenant is some form of undead. Those crazy Final Fantasy developers. Such trickers.

Now, I can understand "revenant" not being in Firefox's dictionary, but "undead"? Seriously?

*Looks up revenant to be sure what it is* Oh, so it's not necessarily an undead. It's somebody who comes back after a long absence that was perhaps caused by death (depending on if you're looking at definition one or two). That's actually pretty neat. We were thrown off by fighting all the revenants in Final Fantasy IV. Those crazy Final Fantasy developers.

Today I'm thankful for not crashing today, plans to go DDR shopping, having both legs, getting Dad's present in the mail, and the next hour and a half being devoted to mandatory manga reading.
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