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Christmas meme!

Nobody's updating today. I guess it kind of makes sense. We don't have a whole lot to talk about either. And of course there's finals and all that stuff.

It's like our productivity is getting worse by the day, though, my goodness. It did sort of pick up by lunchtime, though. Maybe that's because of the new characters! New characters are happy, especially when they're adorable like Kaede.

Hmm... for lack of interesting things to talk about, I'm going to go find that Christmas meme that hysteriachan posted on Thanksgiving.


1. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Nope! It seems kind of strange since we had some very white winters at BYU, but we always went home to SoCal for Christmas.

2. Does it snow where you live now?
It gets cold enough to snow, but it doesn't stay that cold long enough. Neither is it wet enough. Silly desert.

3. Do you want it to?
We always figure if it's cold enough to snow, it should snow, dang it! Snow is the one good thing about cold. Without snow, cold is just unreasonable.

4. Would you rather make a snow angel or a snowman?
Snow angels are easier and don't involve freezing our hands off, but if we had a good idea for a snow sculpture of some sort, that could be awesome, too.

5. Do you like having snowball fights?
We'll watch them for a couple of minutes and then get bored. We'd never play, because we have terrible aim, and getting pelted with cold wetness sounds like the opposite of fun. Although it was awesome the one time we were in Utah with our family and Celeste started throwing snowballs at Dad, so he caught them, repacked them, and threw them back at her.

6. Can you build a snow fort?
Never tried. But if we did, it'd be awesome.

7. Have you ever been sledding?
Growing up, our church made lots of trips to the snow (in SoCal, snow is a place!) to go sledding and stuff, but I don't remember actually sledding ourselves. Not entirely sure why that is. We might have sledded the one time they brought snow down from the mountains to a local park and had a snow party, but it was too long ago to remember.


1. What is your favorite food at Christmas?
Um... hm... Chocolate? Cookies? Bread rolls? Turkey? It's hard to pick a favorite.

2. Do you bake cookies?
Not from scratch. Eheh.

3. Do you make anything else special?

4. What do you drink to warm you up?
Nothing. We can't handle hot drinks. *pitiful* Although there is one time Athena liked stirring hot chocolate with a chocolate-dipped pretzel stick and then licking the chocolate off the stick.

5. Do you gain weight at Christmas, then desperately try and lose it?
Maybe? In the sense of, "I didn't know I'd gained any weight, but now that there's less chocolate around, I guess I'm losing it." We actually don't own a scale, though, so it's hard to tell for sure.


1. Does your family read "Twas the Night Before Christmas?"
No, but we would occasionally sit in when our friends' dad read the Cajun Night Before Christmas. They were from New Orleans.

2. Do you leave milk and cookies for Santa?
We did it a few times, I think?

3. Who eats them?
Santa, duh.

4. Do you watch Christmas movies?
Yes! The selection of movies depends on what's on TV when we happen to need something to watch, but we always make it a point of watching Muppet Christmas Carol at least once on Christmas Eve.

5. Do you drive around and look at the Christmas lights?
We used to. Now there's no car.

6. When do you open your gifts?
One year we begged our parents to let us open just one present each on Christmas Eve, and that became a tradition until... some... time. At one point, Mom took the idea from our friends' parents of having everybody open one present that was a pair of pajamas. The tradition waxes and wanes with Mom's interest in it. The rest of the presents used to be opened when everyone was awake on Christmas morning, but now we have to wait until everyone's together, the time of which varies depending on when Steve has his kids. Athena and I open our presents to each other and from friends when we feel like it.


1. When does the tree go up?
It kind of doesn't. Eheh. We didn't have enough money for a tree the first year we were here. The second year, we got a tree from our ward, but we didn't have any decorations for it, nor money with which to buy them. Now we have money, but now that we're used to not having one, we just don't think of it.

2. What kind of Christmas tree do you have?
We used to have a really nice fake one growing up, but it got thrown out in a move some time. Since then we used real ones, which do smell a lot nicer, but are always more sad to take down.

3. How do you decorate it?
Lights of the colored variety, garland tinsel, and ornaments. Also, we got some Sailor Moon Christmas plushies one year, and they would go on the tree, and then one year MacDonald's was giving away little stuff animals in the Happy Meals, and they got to go on the tree too.

4. Do you use homemade or store bought ornaments?
Mostly store bought.

5. Is there a wreath hanging on your door?

6. Do you have mistletoe hung?

7. Where are your stockings hung?
By the chimney with care? Mom has them hung up on her mantelpiece. And then on Christmas day, we put all the stuff from them into big baggies to take home so Mom won't have to worry about not getting them back, which is kind of lame. Also lame is the fact that there's leftover candy when Mom and Steve finish stuffing them, which would make sense if they didn't stuff stocking for themselves.


1. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?
That depends on whether or not we decided Sarah and Aurora don't really need gifts from us. Or if there's anybody on our friends list who wants a present (feel free to speak up!).

2. Who's number one on your shopping list?
This year, me and Celeste. Next year, it'll be Celeste and Sarah. (We're on a rotation system.)

3. Do you enjoy shopping during the holiday season?
Yes! It's always fun to try to come up with a gift that the giftee will love.

4. Do you buy presents for your pets?
Yup! This year we want to get them a cat tree. I guess that means we're not done shopping even if we don't get Sarah and Aurora presents.

5. Do you shop online?
Of necessity.


1. What do you want most for Christmas?
That's a tough one. We always buy the stuff we want for ourselves whenever we want it, since nobody else will buy us our crazy Japanese import stuff. Although we would like to order some manga.

2. Do you spend a great deal of time wrapping presents?
That would be a no.

3. Do you take part in a secret Santa?
We were never so good with the giving gifts to people we only sort of know, so we've done it before, but failed miserably at it, and avoided it when we could.

4. Do your parents buy you ridiculous gifts?
They try, and it's more annoying than anything else. We just have a different sense of humor, I guess.

5. What did you ask for that you know you're not going to get?
Manga from Kinokuniya.

6. Do you still get a stocking?
Didn't you already ask about stocking? I think the answer to that question would tell you yes.

7. Do you open presents or eat first?
Presents. Who wants food when there are presents to be had?


1. Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Depends on whom you ask. This year, we think most people would say nice.

2. Will you sit on Santa's lap?
Nah, our social anxiety has us preferring to watch the little kids talk to him.

3. Are you going to any Christmas parties?
We might go to the ward one, if we get a ride.

4. Are you sending out Christmas cards?
No. Maybe we should start, though.

5. If so, how many?

6. Will you receive some?
I think we will.

7. Are you excited?
Yes and no. It's nice to think about, but we're too distracted with other fun stuff and work.

8. If you could do anything for Christmas, what would it be?
Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland. Tokyo Disneysea. Yeeeah...

9. Will you be singing any carols?
Already have!

10. What are your favorite ones?
I've loved "Joy to the World" ever since we did a big production of it with our stake choir and an orchestra and stuff.

11. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?

12. Did you just try?
Actually no. I started to list them in my head and lost interest.

13. What are you looking forward to the most?
Dad getting his present! He almost never gets any from us, but this year will be different! Mwahahahahahaha!

14. What are you doing for Christmas this year?
Same as usual. Getting together with family for presents and dinner.

15. How early do you usually wake up Christmas morning?
Depends on how late we stayed up. We used to wake up around seven. Now the excitement (or maybe just the greed?) has died down quite a bit.

16. Will you have fun this Christmas?
We're thinking positive. And even if we don't have fun on Christmas, we will make sure to have fun around Christmas.

Wow, that was kinda long. Today I'm thankful for being able to restore from saved draft after something at shut down our Firefox session, Kaede♥, Oreo in a box, getting to play "evil villain with a black cat" when Mimsy sits on my lap, and having more Sekaichi! Yay!
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