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I want to apologize for the angst yesterday. We'd been feeling pretty gloomy all weekend, with residual stress and nerves and insecurities and whatnot from all the crazy stuff that's been going on, and I guess it just came to a head yesterday. I'm not sure what happened, but we're feeling much more chipper today. I'm sure the supportive comments helped; thanks, guys! (Er, girls.)

Although we had a much harder time with productivity today than yesterday, so either angst is a good motivator, or we're in denial. Or it's all just a coincidence based on how much text was on the pages for today and yesterday. It's really hard to keep track anymore with the new format, which, incidentally, has been messing with my head today like you wouldn't believe. Oh my goodness, it was insane.

Today we got notes on format changes from our editor at CMX, which had us feeling all insecure again (and yet still chipper, for some reason), because we have a nasty habit of taking things personally. Of course, in this case, the notes were specifically directed at us, so it really is a little personal. It's kind of like, "Aaaaah! I did it wrong! I should have thought of that! I'm soooooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy!!!" All Ritsu-style! Oh yeah, baby! But then we realized that when we first started working for them, they had actually told us to do it differently, so we're all just working the bugs out. And now we feel much better again. Tadah! It does make me wonder if we could use a therapist, though.

But now we get to think of fun things like Christmas presents for people. We thought of something for Dad that we're sure he'll love, assuming he doesn't have it already. We suspect that when we ask him where we're supposed to send it, he'll say, "Oh, I don't need a present." (Our family likes to be martyrs, and we definitely get that from Dad.) But it's too late! We already bought it! Ha!

Today I'm thankful for awesome gift ideas, being much more chipper today, actually having passed our page quota for today, nifty analogies, and Disneyland toffee.
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