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A few random thoughts and things

While I do realize that the silence about the Palom and Porom campaign may be all our friends very kindly not telling us not to quit our day job like I asked, I have to consider the fact that some people can't check Live Journal every day, among other possible reasons, so once again, here's the link to our petition. Go! Check it now! While you're still thinking about it!!! You don't want to read the rest of this entry anyway; it could get angsty.

Today we got back to work as usual. After the insanity and stress of last week, we thought it would be good to have a little normalcy again, and it sort of was. But it sort of wasn't. It's that darn rewriter thing again. Somehow it's just not as fun to work on a translation when we've recently been reminded that it's going straight to someone else who's going to fix it. Like it's a given that our translations will suck.

But that's enough angst for now. Or at least angst about that. We've just been feeling kind of...talentless? lately, I guess.

Anyway, yesterday we learned that audition camps really exist! Not that we didn't think they did, just that we'd never heard of them before we translated Nosatsu Junkie volume 1, and we never heard of them since. Until last night when Sarah was asking Mom if she could go to one. The only sad part about this is I don't think we translated it right. Ah well.

Mom's trying to unify her blended family by expanding our gift exchange to include Steve's kids. She was nice enough to ask us how we feel about it, but the fact is we're conflicted. I understand that if any group of people is going to function properly, they need to be unified. And we have nothing against Steve's kids. But we're still not ready to let anyone say we're part of his family. Not that they haven't been doing that for years already anyway, but we don't have to acknowledge it, you know?

On an even more random note, why is it that in our hymnbook "Silent Night" is given a faster meter than "Joy to the World"? Something seems seriously wrong with that.

I'm obviously quite scattered today. And I'm having a hard time being as coherent as I'd like, so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. Assuming I am ahead, which is debatable.

Today I'm thankful for socks, extra time to play Corda (there are some advantages to having accidentally left your DS in someone else's car), sheep, insulation, and someone having signed our petition!
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