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Meet the Guests! ...or not

So we were checking the AX website, as per our morning routine, and they had information on the Meet the Guests Reception up. At first we were a little sad because, despite the huge group of Tomokazu Seki fans that were there last year, and the fact that we tell everyone about it, we still think of it as our little secret. We got over that pretty quickly, and then we checked to see what kind of information they had.

Strangely, they listed the time, and the price of tickets, but not the day. They also listed who all's going to be there. The first thing I noticed was that two of the people featured at this reception are dub voice actors. That doesn't seem right, especially because I still think of Greg Ayres as a traitor. But that's okay, because there are a bunch of people we'd like to see.

I went over the list again, I think because I was thinking of which costumes would be most appropriate to wear (even though we're pretty well set on being Lacus and Meer), and I noticed something else that made me sad. Tomokazu Seki wasn't on the list.

I guess it's not that bad, since we'll still have his panel to go to, and again, there are other people we'd like to see. But of course we have to speculate why this might be. There are two possibilities: First, Seki-san absolutely hated being at the reception last year--he just acted like he enjoyed the attention because he didn't want to hurt his fans. Second, they want to avoid what happened last year, when all the fangirls stayed at his table the entire time, even though the rules say to rotate, and they didn't want any of the other GoH's to feel sad or left out.

Maaya Sakamoto's not on the list, either. So either they want to avoid everyone gathering to her table as well, or Seki-san told her how awful it was last year.

Then we went to check the autograph session info, and Seki-san's autograph session is at eight in the morning. I guess they want to make sure that anyone who wants an autograph really wants an autograph. It ends at nine, and generally AX events don't even start until ten. I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to make it even earlier, except that Seki-san doesn't strike me as an early riser.
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