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Trapped by a kitty

I only have one hand to type with right now, so I'm going to make this short so we can go do something with the cats in the living room, and I won't feel guilty for kicking Oreo off my lap... or something else'll grab his attention and he'll let my other arm go, allowing me to type more quickly.

Today was pretty awesome. We went to Mom's place and a family from their ward came over. The dad had been on his mission to Japan, and the mom was Japanese herself, and the daughter recently discovered Fruits Basket, and the dad is actually an anime geek, sort of. He's more into all the old school stuff, which makes a lot of sense. But it was really fun talking to them. They kept talking about how awesome Japan is, and the mom told Steve he should take us there (something that would make our mom feel a lot better, but not the two of us). The dad said they could just take us to Tokyo and leave us at an intersection to fend for ourselves, which is what he did (he lived in Japan after his mission, too), so a little bit later the mom suggested that next time they go, they drop us off at an intersection themselves.

Oreo's looking at me impatiently, so I'll wrap this up. Anyway, it was really nice to talk to people who were closer to our wavelength, so hopefully we'll get to have dinner with them again sometime.

Today I'm thankful for kitties who missed us, getting to have dinner with great company tonight, encouragement, the use of both my limbs (even if it is slightly limited right now), and grilled cheese sandwiches.
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