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A life in conflict

First, for those of you who aren't up on the haps, Athena and I have a campaign to be Palom and Porom in the US release of the DS version of Final Fantasy IV, if such a thing is to exist. So please go here and check out the petition!

In other news... There's just too much stuff. Maybe it was a mistake to start playing Corda again, because I still haven't read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and we've had Saiyuki Gaiden 3 for... a long time and not translated it yet. We did manage to pull ourselves away from Corda long enough to get more than a chapter! translated of Gaiden (we're going to ignore the fact that the first chapter in Gaiden 3 is only about eleven pages long, because Gaiden has lots of neat words; and by "lots of neat words," I mean we have to look up every other one). But now that we've done a little work on that, we're conflicted again. Do we get back to work? Do we read non-manga books like Harry Potter? Or do we just go back to Corda so we can get enough stills to satisfy us so we can go back to HaruToki2? Darn addictive games.

Also, last night, since we have a tendency to be rather dissatisfied when we check LiveJournal and find almost no updates, we decided to look for information on other things, and that led us to the idea that it might not be so bad to go on Pop Japan Travel's Cold Steel tour after all. See, now that we're making enough money to save for a trip to Japan, we've been checking Pop Japan Travel's website every so often, but for a long time now they've only had three tours: the Cold Steel Tour, the Goth Loli tour, and the Boys' Love tour. We're not really into goth loli or boys' love, and the Cold Steel tour sounds like a bad idea for one main reason: it's cold. I mean, we have a hard enough time dealing with the cold when our apartment is down to sixty-five degrees. And the Cold Steel tour is going to Sapporo. In February!

So this is why I'm afraid to talk about our plans in public. Everybody we know and their grandma would hear that we have a chance to go to Japan and we're thinking of passing on it, and would be like, "You are not going to Japan!? Are you crazy!?" To which my response is, "Excuse me? Sapporo in February? I don't think we're the crazy ones here."

We're also not entirely sure we can safely afford it, because this would easily be in the $6,000 or more range (not including souvenirs). But on the other hand, the free day in Tokyo happens to be scheduled for a day with not one, but two performances of the Maihitoyo stage show, which is really what led us to consider the tour to begin with. Still, Sapporo in February. We so do not have the right clothes for that. There's also the concern that we're among the pickiest eaters in the world, and, unfortunately, Japanese food doesn't really fall into the category of "things the Twins will eat." We live such a conflicted life.

So we're still strongly considering it, but we're very timid about the whole "international travel" thing (I mean, dude, it took us two years to work up the courage to go to Disneyland on our own from here, and that's one of our favorite places ever and in the same state (although part of it did have to do with finances)), so we might decide to wait for a different tour, when we feel we have more of a financial safety net and all that stuff. Not going to Sapporo in February would probably help.

Today I'm thankful for lots of time to do fun stuff this weekend, finally seeing more of Gaiden, Scripture Scouts, shelter from the cold, and cheese sticks.
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