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And always let your conscience be your guide!

First, if you haven't read my earlier post, then you can go read it and find out what's up, or you can just go here and find out what's up that way.

Second, how are we supposed to get Michiru to like us if he's never around when we go to Sakuragaoka Academy? Argh.

Anyway, being the Disney fanatics that we are, we tend to get a lot of e-mails with all sorts of crazy things like behind the scenes stuff and other Disney fans telling stories of their most important Disney memories and the like. So it was just an ordinary thing on Wednesday when we got another one.

Through this e-mail, we got to read the story of Eddie. When he was five years old, he saw Pinocchio for the very first time, and it was the very first movie he had ever seen in theaters. He thought Jiminy Cricket was the coolest thing ever. I mean, it's this little guy you can carry around in your pocket, and he'll be your best friend! To a five year old, you can't get anything better, he said. He was so excited about Jiminy Cricket that he wouldn't stop talking about him until his mom said, "That's enough about Jiminy Cricket." But before he finally gave it a rest, he said, "Someday, I'll meet Jiminy Cricket, and he will be my friend."

Several years later, Eddie Carroll was cast as the new voice of Jiminy Cricket in 1973, and has been playing the part ever since.

The reason this story meant so much to us is that, as some of you may have noticed, we haven't grown out of a lot of our childlike delusions, and one of them is the idea that someday we'll meet, for example, Sora and Riku and Kairi, and they'll be our friends. And that e-mail (it was actually a Disney Movie Rewards members' e-mail, with a link to the interview as part of "member benefits") happened to come on one of the days we were stressing out the most about our Big Plans. Big Plans that will hopefully lead us to Sora, Riku, and Kairi. And not only that, but in the interview, Mr. Carroll talks about how he had to overcome his stage fright when he was little, and we were having massive stage fright issues. So I figured if that wasn't a cosmic kick in the pants, I don't know what is. Especially with it being Jiminy Cricket. And that's how we were able to keep pushing ourselves. (And believe me, if you had seen us in recording, you'd know how hard that was.)

In other news, a chance encounter between Steve and a flier at his son's middle school may have given us the opportunity to go speak at the local middle school's anime club! This is one of the few times I can think of it as a good thing that Steve will do anything to look cool. We have no idea what we would talk about (obviously something to do with translating), but now (probably due in part to Scrubs) I'm having fantasies of having a little middle-schooler army to do our bidding. Bwahahahahaha! We should tell them about our Palom and Porom campaign. I wonder if we should bring manga to give out... That would require us to get some manga first. Hmmm...

Today I'm thankful for Jiminy Cricket, Disney Movie Rewards member benefits (membership is free!), Mimsies on my lap (even though chances are I'll be kicking her off soon), noticing typos in time to fix them (makes me wonder about how many I may have missed), and the rainy weather we've been having.
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