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Big Plans Revealed!!

The time has come! ...the Walrus said, to talk of other things. Like shoes, and ships, and ceiling wax. And cabbages, and kings!

Eheh. Aaaanyway. A bunch of people (by which I mean three) have shown interest in what our Big Plans are, and now the time has come to reveal them!

It started back when I was talking about Thanksgiving, and I mentioned Akira Ishida. In response to that, chibidrunksanzo commented about how Ishida-san might be in Dissidia Final Fantasy. We had already heard rumors about the cast to that, and we were kind of hoping to find out what the cast was by playing, but for some reason that comment got us investigating. So we googled "Final Fantasy Cast" in Japanese, and found the cast list to Final Fantasy IV, DS version. And we're like, "Oh! Voices! ...Hey, Palom and Porom are twins. What if we...?" This all goes along with our dream of being voice actresses in Japan / being in Kingdom Hearts, because it seems like it could easily be a step towards either of those (especially if Palom & Porom are in Kingdom Hearts at some point).

We really weren't sure where to go from there, but the more we talked about it, the more we thought we should at least look into auditioning. And the best way to do that would be to ask somebody who knew. That's when we remembered Somebody We Don't Know, who will now be referred to as Sempai, because he translated something for TokyoPop that we translated the sequel of. But the more important thing is that he worked on the casting for Final Fantasy XII. We had no idea how to go about finding him, though, so we turned to parkcooper, who found his e-mail address in all of about ten seconds. And that's when we decided we should just play the game for research purposes until Thanksgiving break was over.

We did some Internet research, too, to make sure the cast was for actual dialogue, and not just for grunts and shouts. That's when we found the official home page, and learned that this game is indeed very shiny. I believe the correct terminology is "shiny liek woah." Not sure if I spelled that right, but I think you get the idea.

So we e-mailed Sempai, as you all know, and he e-mailed back saying our odds were not good (which we figured), and gave us some suggestions on what to do. One of the suggestions was to create a fan page and get a bunch of people who would be interested in buying the game to sign it, saying they'd like to hear us as Palom and Porom, and then show it to Square-Enix and say that they wouldn't want to pass up this PR opportunity. We'll probably end up using our podcast page for this, but I'll be posting the link later, so more people are likely to see it without having to read through all this boring detail.

And now we have done a bunch of recording, some of which will be posted on a website later. We had to write our own original introduction and stuff, which was kind of fun, but kind of scary. That pretty much describes the whole experience. It was so bad, I was almost like, "But if it's so stressful just to audition, won't it be stressful to actually be cast? Are we sure we want to do this?" That's where yesterday's kick in the pants comes in, but I think I'll save that for another entry, too. But now we've finished all the recording, and it's almost time to relax. We just need to set up the page for people to sign, write a cover letter, and burn a CD.

Overall, I think I'm feeling pretty good about everything, but, of course, still very very nervous. But since most of the scary stuff is done (except for the getting reactions part), I think I can breathe easier. We still have no idea how this is going to turn out, but we think it's important that we at least pull ourselves out of our complacency. Like we've been singing "The Bare Necessities" all this time when we should be singing "Go the Distance." So it's important that we at least send in the CD, regardless of how it turns out.

Today I'm thankful for being done recording, having broken the self-imposed ban on Neo Romance games (now we can go play Corda!), not having a deadline until next month (allowing us to take tomorrow off), Tatsuhisa Suzuki's VOICE music video, and getting to watch Monsters Inc. last night.
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