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You learn a new thing every day

Today we learned many things. Like that it's very hard to summarize a book of manga in fifty words or less, while at the same time making the summary interesting. It's an interesting challenge, though. We also learned that Infoseek and Google's translator things can be very helpful when translating short phrases. It's just not as impressive to see a manga character speaking English when everybody else is speaking English, too. We also learned that, while we've been translating "irasshaimase" to "welcome" all this time, the Japanese think of it more as "how can I help you?" as illustrated by the fact that that was how Infoseek translated it into every language we tried. This is a very important discovery.

In other news, I don't know if Mom's been telling her sisters what I said to her about manga yesterday ("You know we don't translate porn, right?") or what, but we got an e-mail from her, which was actually the forward of an e-mail from her sister, saying that our cousin is completely obsessed with Fruits Basket now, and will be getting volumes 5 and 6 for Christmas. This actually has me slightly concerned (mostly because of the whole "inappropriate" thing) for when she gets to volume 14, because of a certain language choice. Oh dear.

Mom also forwarded us an e-mail she got from Barnes & Noble that was telling her about the latest volume of +Anima that came out. It stopped being nearly as awesome when we realized it was because she's bought a volume of +Anima in the past (to give to our cousin, of course), but it did remind us that a new volume of almost everything we're currently translating for TokyoPop is coming out this month. That's kind of neat, because it includes Atelier Marie & Elie, St. Lunatic High School, and Pick of the Litter. It's always especially neat for us to see those titles coming out, because we weren't sure they were going to at all, since it took so long before they had us translate volume 2 of any of them. And they're all really great, so check 'em out if you get a chance!

We're still waiting for the books for our next deadline, which is good because it gives us time to work on other things while we remind ourselves that the next deadline after that isn't until January. But instead of books today, we got a package from the Disney movie club, so now we finally have our own copy of Lilo & Stitch! Yay! I think that's the movie that started us calling things "fancy." ("Don't worry; she likes your butt and fancy hair." "She thinks it's fancy?" ♥♥♥) And Monsters, Inc. I think we've only seen that movie two or three times, which, for us and Disney/Pixar, is really kind of sad.

Today I'm thankful for Infoseek translators, Google translators, shiny new Disney DVDs, learning important new things about Japanese, and the word "fancy."
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