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Radio DN Angel

Still twenty minutes to nine and we've been awake for at least half an hour. This is most unusual.

So I finally get to talk about Radio DN Angel! Despite our complete and utter lack of any kind of energy on Wednesday, we did take the time while Celeste was napping to listen to Radio DN Angel. And! despite being exhausted, we understood most of it. We like to think it's because it was Irino-kun and Ishida-san, but really, it was probably because the subject matter was the type of stuff you learn really well when learning Japanese from shoujo manga.

Ishida-san was reminding me of my penpal Clay. They have one corner where they take emails from people about what kinds of things make it so their heart can't stop beating, or, as Ishida-san said, they could say what kind of fetishes they had. And then he asks Irino-kun if he knows what a fetish is and starts explaining it. Clay likes to explain things too, so I was amused.

So, according to Ishida-san, a fetish is something that you're more particular about than most people might be. I always thought of it as an obsession, so it might be like how the English word "delicacy" has a slightly different meaning in Japan, or it might just be that I don't know English that good. But anyway, he asked Irino-kun what his fetish was, and Irino-kun said he likes girls to have nice legs. We're such fangirls. This makes us happy, despite his being six years younger than us, because we like to think we have nice legs.

Ishida-san's fetish, when it comes to girls, is voice. He likes girls with nice voices, like when he calls to order food and the girl on the other end has a nice voice. This makes us sad, because, while we don't hate our voices, we don't think they're the prettiest voices in the world. Ah well. At least we can relate, because we like guys with nice voices. He also likes girls who are thin enough to see their ribs. Not like they're starving to death, but he likes to be able to count ribs.

The two of them were so cute, though. They were both really nervous because, even though they spent six months recording DN Angel together, they never really talked, because Ishida-san would always sit alone in the corner. So they didn't really know each other that well. In fact, Ishida-san, realizing that he's old enough to be Irino-kun's father, had no idea what they would talk about, and turned the gig down at first. So we learn the truth as to why the personality was listed as ???.
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